Forever 21's Makeup Offerings Are Expanding

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ulta. Sephora. Forever 21? That might be the big three of makeup outposts, if rumors end up being true. Women's Wear Daily reports that fast fashion giant Forever 21 could be launching beauty boutiques, which would exist separately from the brand's clothing stores. The reports are unconfirmed and Forever 21 hasn't officially weighed about this potential expansion.

Bustle reached out to Forever 21 for comment and further information. The brand responded to Bustle with the following update via email:

"Forever 21 has always been known as an exciting one-stop shopping destination. We listen to our customers, and over the past months, we have rolled out specially curated beauty and lifestyle shops at our top doors and plan to expand into all U.S. doors by Fall 2017. We love to bring new trends to our diverse customer base — our shops showcase a wide array of beauty tools, makeup palettes, and boast both private label and branded beauty. We are especially excited to introduce our customers to the emerging K-beauty skin care movement."

This update confirms is that Forever 21 is committed to being a one-stop and expanding its skincare and beauty offerings inside its stores, which is a very good thing for product obsessives. But it does not confirm the launch of standalone makeup stores.

As any loyalist knows, Forever 21 already sells beauty products in its stores, including trendy and beloved budget brands like e.l.f., NYX, and more. While we're on the topic of Forever 21 and its beauty wares, the retailer is now selling super fun and affordable brand Essence Cosmetics. They are offering a 20 percent off discount code for a limited time. Shoppers can enter ESSENCEFOREVER at checkout to enjoy the savings.

Courtesy of Essence

Here's further intel on the rumor regarding the standalone makeup stores. WWD reported that several market sources suggested that 10 boutiques called "Riley Rose" could reportedly open by the holiday season. These sources also suggest that the stores will be aimed at millennials — no shock there, as that's Forever 21's target demo — as well as Instagram-friendly, which would mean plenty of fans doing beauty flatlays.

What would Riley Rose sell? Forever 21-branded cosmetics and beyond? Well, a source told WWD that these outposts could compete with beauty retail behemoths Sephora and Ulta. That would suggest that there will be other brands for sale on the shelves. Again, this is all speculation.

But this is how I feel about the concept and the idea. Forever 21, like Kohl's, could establish itself as a real beauty destination. Currently, I look at F21 as a fast fashion mecca. But this news could change my perception to fast beauty hub and it doesn't matter to me products are sold in expanded makeup kiosks inside actual F21 stores or in standalone stores. An increase in the assortment of trendy, affordable products is good news, regardless of where they are sold.