19 Movies 'Queer Eye' Fans Need To Watch, From 'Chef' To 'Marie Antoinette'

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Boys are back in town, and no rough-hewn man is safe from their taste this time around. Queer Eye has returned as a Netflix original series, with a new Fab Five polishing diamonds in the rough to a classy shine. For those of you who can't get enough of their style and camaraderie, here are 19 movies Queer Eye fans need to watch ASAP.

The show has always been an irresistible mix of the best bits from every stripe of reality show — home makeovers, cooking tutorials, glamorous shopping sprees, personal improvement, and of course, The Big Reveal... except Queer Eye has a full suite of them. The movies on this list exemplify the Fab Five's expert taste in design, grooming, fashion, culture, and food. Some lean some heavier on one element, like the self-explanatory Chef's Table, and others are a sampler pack of the best of each, like The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant's high-drama, high-style tale of a fashion designer with a wig to cover every negative impulse.

Much like the Queer Eye reboot, which has a heavier focus on the individual personalities and stories of the men being made over, many of these movies put emotions up front and tell heartwarming tales with a beautiful background. Regardless of who your favorite guy on the show is, these films should satisfy any and all fans.

1. 'In The Mood For Love'


Wong Kar-Wai's lush, gorgeous melodrama is a feast for the eyes centered around an elegantly mannered romance. A beautiful score and rich colors speak what the characters can't say to each other.

Available on FilmStruck.

2. 'Breakfast At Tiffanys'


Quirky glamour, an apartment to die for, and effortless chic have made Breakfast At Tiffanys is a perennial favorite, but it's Holly's willingness to face problems she's reinvented herself to escape that make this a good choice for Queer Eye fans.

Available on Netflix.

3. 'Marie Antoinette'


Fun, fabulous, and over-the-top, but maybe Marie should've worried a little more about who'd foot the bills at the end of the day.

Available on Netflix.

4. 'Drive Me Crazy'


The perfect prom date might just be a makeover away, and in this movie, Melissa Joan Hart learns what the Queer Eye guys knew all along.

5. 'Moonrise Kingdom'


The Fab Five try to work with people to make them their best selves, while the parents and authority figures of Moonrise Kingdom learn the hard way you can't shove a square peg in a round hole.

Available on Netflix.

6. 'A Matter Of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt'

HBO Films

A misunderstood artist or a guy who isn't willing to meet people halfway? Either way, chef Leibrandt has to rebrand himself and his spaces a few times to figure things out in this inside peek at the NYC restaurant industry.

Available on Fandor and Epix.

7. 'Crazy Stupid Love'


Sure, there are about three intertwined love stories going on, but the real meat of this film is the shopping montage. Womanizer Ryan Gosling takes recently cuckolded Steve Carrell under his wing to teach him the ways of picking up ladies and clean up his look.

8. 'Like Water For Chocolate'


A saucy, sexy tale of food, love and magic, this film shows how one little change can influence everyone around you (even if it's unintentional).

Available on Netflix.

9. 'Eames: The Architect And The Painter'

First Run Features on YouTube

The film is a fascinating look at two very different creative minds coming together to create some of the greatest modern designs that're still gracing living rooms the world over.

Available on Fandor, Sundance Now, and RealEyez.

10. 'The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant'


More drama packed into one living room than any reality-show reveal, Fassbinder's fashion masterpiece is as easy on the eyes as it is hard on the heart.

Available on FilmStruck.

11. 'Clueless'


The movie has matchmaking, makeovers, and fashion galore, plus happy endings all around once everyone lets themselves be who they actually are.

Available on Starz.

12. 'Chef'


Favreau goes from frumpy to fabulous as he bonds with his son and launches a successful food truck, but let's be real: this film's all about the delicious food porn.

Available on Amazon Prime.

13. 'Now, Voyager'


Bette Davis goes from frumpy to fabulous, but it takes a little longer for her confidence to catch up to her newfound glamour in this classic story.

Available on FilmStruck.

14. 'To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar!'


This great film features style too big for the screen. And of course, there's a makeover montage.

Available on Netflix.

15. 'Zoolander'


Despite being delightfully goofy, this comedy does give a little peek behind fashion's red curtain. Even male models can use an attitude adjustment, and Zoolander's no exception.

Available on HBO Go.

16. 'Chef's Table'

Netflix on YouTube

This one's a little bit of a cheat as it's a series, but each episode is a cinematic dip into a different chef's vision and style, lovingly shot and beautifully presented.

Available on Netflix.

17. 'Broken Embraces'

Sony Pictures Classics on YouTube

For a film about a blind director, this film's full of enviable design and vivid color. It's also pure Almodovar, bursting with lost loves, revenge, and trauma.

18. 'Golden Eighties'

jackng1987 on YouTube

Capitalism doesn't get much catchier than this mall musical about love and longing. And with half the action taking place in the hair and nail salon across the street, you bet there's plenty of primp and polish.

19. 'Written On The Wind'


The ur-melodrama, featuring love, lust, longing, and lots of gorgeous oversaturated color. This film provides design ideas for days, and is an absolute must to watch for cultural cues.

If you already marathoned all eight episodes of Queer Eye, hopefully this list will keep you sated until the Fab Five's second round is officially announced.