19 Outfits From 'The O.C.' That Are So Outdated It Hurts

by Melanie Richtman
Courtesy of FOX

The O.C. was known for its fashion back in the early 2000s. Fans aspired to dress like Marissa Cooper or Summer Roberts, and those same fans probably wanted to dress like Blair Waldorf a few years later. But looking back at it now, some of the outfits from The O.C. have become so dated, it almost hurts to look at them.

Obviously, a show about teenagers in the early 2000s isn't going to be filled with timeless, classic pieces. As a hip, trendy show, they had to style the characters in hip, trendy outfits, which meant a lot of hip huggers and polos. Let's all cross our fingers that those trends never come back.

Some of the outfits in The O.C. have stood the test of time (well, maybe not the test of time, but the test of the last decade) and have managed to stay somewhat stylish, like Summer's crocheted bikini or Marissa's lace-up crop top, but others, like Marissa's bolero jackets and knee length skirts, have definitely not. If you're stumped at how you ever thought any of those items were truly stylish, worry not — it's almost guaranteed the youths of today will be regretting their unicorn hair and rainbow everything when they're in their 20s.

Here are 19 outfits from The O.C. that are incredibly outdated.

1. This Tie Neck Top

Maybe she was trying to look like Sailor Moon?

2. Marissa's Printed Sweater

Courtesy of FOX

It's actually printed with The Clash, which makes it so much more ridiculous.

3. This Graphic Tee

Even the font is circa 2003.

4. Marissa's Headband (And Bangle... And Polo)

Courtesy of FOX

I can't believe we used to wear bangles like that. Omg.

5. Summer's Bandana

Glad this trend is over.

6. Marissa's Bolero Jacket

What is the point of a bolero jacket? To keep only your shoulders warm?

7. Marissa's Sparkly Bolero Sweater

Why was she so into bolero jackets?

8. Anna's Hat And Layers

Courtesy of FOX

Why so many layers? It's not even cold in the O.C.!

9. Everything About Summer Right Here

That hairstyle has seen better days.

10. Marissa's Polo/Skirt Combo

Courtesy of FOX

I'm still recovering from all of the polos of the early 2000s.

11. Anna's Tube Top

Courtesy of FOX

Tube tops were a whole thing on their own, but this is extra 2000s with the black long sleeve tee underneath.

12. Julie's Bucket Hat

Bucket hats tried to make a comeback recently, but let's face it, these are about as dated as it gets.

13. This Entire Outfit

Courtesy of FOX

Let's all agree we'd be pretty happy if these trends never make a comeback.

14. Alex's Ribbed Tank Top And Pompadour

Courtesy of FOX

That hair though.

15. Summer's Headband And Crimped Ponytail

It's so bad, it's good.

16. Alex's Graphic Tee And Long Sleeve Tee

Courtesy of FOX

I hope it was one shirt that was supposed to look like two.

17. Julie's Tube Top

Why did she style this top with trousers?

18. Marissa's Rainbow Jacket And Pleated Jean Skirt

Pleated denim skirts were all the rage back in the day, but boy do they look ancient now.

19. Marissa's Drop Waist Dress

Courtesy of FOX

She's got the millennial pink shade down, at least!