Bonner Bolton's Instagram Is So Revealing

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars is off to an exciting start and one dancing couple that already has everyone talking is cowboy/model Bonner Bolton and his partner Sharna Burgess. These two radiated some serious chemistry during their first performance, which happened to be a cowboy-themed number, leading fans to speculate about their relationship off the dance floor. Although they both claim that they are not dating, the pair fanned the flames by stepping out together for a night out and according to Us Weekly, they looked pretty cozy. With all of the chatter about this cowboy, I think most of the information about Bonner Bolton's real life can be found on his Instagram.

The first thing you should know is that the 29-year-old is a bonafide cowboy. Hailing from a ranch in Texas, Bonner followed in his father's footsteps and became a successful professional bull rider. According to Professional Bull Riders, he won his first world title at 20. Unfortunately his career was cut short in 2016 when Bonner was bucked off of his bull and landed on his head. The cowboy ended up breaking his C2 vertebrae and was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Thanks to his fighting spirit, he regained complete feeling/use in his body and is clearly dancing like a champ today.

Want to know more about Bonner? These photos should give you a look into this cowboy's real life.


Bonner has one of those Instagram accounts that feature his amazing amateur photography skills via moody/artsy photos like this one.

He Is A Jack Of All Trades

We have fishing, surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding all represented here. Bonner is clearly active and loves adventurous sports.

He Is A Proud Son

Among the various photos of his father, Bonner included a sweet throwback picture of his pops riding a bull. It is clear where he got his athletic ability, and his love and admiration for his dad is so sweet.


Bonner has some awards to show off, and, in bull-riding, they don't just give you a plain old trophy.

His Faith Is Important

Bonner has a strong connection to his faith, and he displays it prominently on his Instagram account.

Native American Art

Bonner has an intense respect and affinity for Native American heritage and art. Many of his photos show his passion for their culture.

Tight Family Bonds

This one was captioned that he was "proud" of his little sister. What a good big brother.

Bonner captioned this, "One proud uncle to this little buck."

This is Bonner throwing it back to a Halloween with his little brother and sisters. I literally can't. He went trick or treating as a superhero with his superhero little siblings. STOP IT.


Bonner was the stunt rider for the movie The Longest Ride and he was clearly humbled by the attention.

Journey To Recovery

After taking a nearly life-ending fall off of a bull during a competition, Bonner went on a journey to recovery.

Here he documents his progress as he basically learned to walk again after breaking his C2 vertebrae.

He Loves Billy Ray

Bonner was truly enamored at the opportunity to meet Billy Ray Cyrus.

Dancing With The Stars Love

Bonner has posted quite a few photos of his partner Sharma and himself. They are claiming that nothing is going on, but I am suspicious. They clearly have chemistry.

Honestly, Bonner is so much more than meets the eye. This guy is full of surprises. Hopefully we get to see a lot more of him as he competes on Dancing With The Stars.