19 Sex Toys Under $100 To Try This Month

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Sex toys are wonderful inventions; they are also expensive, often too expensive to justify — please see this $1.3 million dollar sex toy for evidence. While you might shell out for a nice pair of headphones that safeguard your eardrums, or an electric razor that won't scour your skin off, those purchases get everyday use. Your vibrator, on the other hand, may not. (Although more power to you for getting your money's worth.) So, although everyone would probably prefer to use a well engineered, body safe product in and around their genitals, not everyone wants to pay a few hundred dollars for the privilege. Luckily, there exist a lot of affordable options alongside the inexplicably pricy ones — including a number of sex toys in the under-$100 range, from the industry's top design names.

Before we get to those, though, a note on price: While many people will be shocked by the high cost adult retailers attach to toys, many people probably won't own more than one sex toy — or, more than one vibrator — at a time. And yet, at the same time, we have all these companies slinging very similar products and vying for user attention, each of which has profits to consider. But most of all, the high-end companies placing hefty price tags on their products often want users to approach this purchase as they would any other quality electronic item. If you want a powerful, rumbly, rechargeable motor; if you want medical-grade silicone; if you want ergonomic design, you pay for those features — and, the theory goes, get more out of your product.

Still, though, you don't have to spend more than $100 to get a solid sex toy. Here are 19 of the best products — from most to least expensive — to help you augment your bedside drawer on a budget and see fireworks all July long.


JimmyJane Iconic Bullet One Touch Vibrator

There's nothing easier than a bullet vibrator, and the price point on this option from JimmyJane — a reliably good name in sex toys — is hard to beat.


Babeland Orchid G

With 98 reviews and a four-star review on Babeland's website, this G-spot vibrator packs a powerful and affordable punch.


O'Hare Vibrating Cock Ring

Three functions in one cost-effective product: A triple speed bullet vibrator, moveable rabbit ears for extra clitoral stimulation, and two bands for a snug fit around the penis.


Iroha Zen

Although it's not rechargeable, the Zen remains an applause-worthy vibrator because of its fine silicone ridges and cushy, comfortable shape. All of Iroha's meticulous attention to detail for a very reasonable price.


Fun Factory Flexi Felix

Vibrators not so much your thing? Looking for a really good set of anal beads? This Fun Factory string gets a five-star review on Babeland — body-safe silicone and an approachable, functional design.


Quiver Vibrating Plug

Or maybe anal play is your thing, but you also want a little bit of vibration without breaking the bank. Consider the Quiver, a vibrating butt plug that weighs in under $40.


Jimmy Jane Intro 6 Vibrator

A basic, beginner-level G-spot vibrator from reputable manufacturer JimmyJane. Can't go wrong with this staple.


Wonderlust Harmony Vibe

In the market for a rabbit-style vibrator that won't cost an arm and a leg? Consider the Wonderlust harmony for all your blended orgasm needs.


Satisfyer Pro Penguin

One nice thing about Satisfyer: Its products tend to stay below the $100 belt, and they work *very* well. I like the Pro Penguin because it offers the same air-powered cunnilingus simulation, but with a rechargeable battery for peak convenience.


Hitachi Magic Wand

What bedside drawer is complete without a wand-style vibe? Effective on every body type, regardless of gender, the Hitachi Magic Wand is a classic for a reason. This original version is available for under $100 (cutting the cord costs money).


Mini Marvels Flicker

This tongue-like vibrator comes with 10 vibration and pulse options, why not take it for a spin?


Dame Products Fin

This little gadget attaches to your fingers and is extremely easy to incorporate into partnered sex — or to use solo, whatever you're in the mood for.


We-Vibe Tango

Most We-Vibe products come in above our $100 limit, but can be relied upon to deliver. With a $16 bullet already on the list, maybe you're not convinced by a $79 version of the same model. But this one is waterproof, rechargeable, and equipped with three vibration speeds and five pulse patterns. Bang for your buck!


Tenga SVR Cock Ring

IMO, Tenga is the last word in "for-men" sex tech. For your $80, you get a vibrating cock ring that doubles as a finger vibrator: Use it for clitoral stimulation during PIV sex, or to hit your partner's hot spots. (Or hey, use it on your own, it's your life.)


LELO Mia 2

Here's a nifty little lipstick vibe that hides in plain sight. Rechargeable, well-reviewed, and discreet.


Iroha Vibe

The "for-women" subset of Tenga, Iroha devotes meticulous attention to every detail of their products from beginning to end of the design process. The Iroha Vibe's range of sexually ergonomic designs work well on any body type or any set of genitals, and look perfectly at home displayed on your bedside table.


Fun Factory Abby G

Fun Factory makes approachable, body-safe, German-engineered toys in an exciting and unusual range of colors. With its gentle ridges and curved tip, the Abby G is a great option for G-spot stimulation.


Njoy Fun Wand

Yes, the price point is high, but the Njoy Fun Wand serves a number of purposes: It's a G-spot stimulator, a double-ended butt-plug-slash-anal-bead set, and kegel weights all in one.


Unbound Squish

At $99, the Squish sneaks in just under the price limit. Compared to some of the other items on this list, it's a lot to spend, but Squish does a lot: It's waterproof, and remembers your favorite pulse patterns. It's also intuitive as hell, vibrating as hard as you squeeze it, and feels great on a wide array of erogenous zones.

There you have it — 19 solid sex toys that won't break the bank. Whether you're on-the-go or cooling off in the shower this month, there's an affordable, high-quality toy that suits your needs.