19 "Tinder Success Story" Tweets That Will Make You Emotional In Public

This past June, Tinder announced that, in celebration of pride month, the company would give one LGBTQ couple $100,000 to put towards their dream wedding. All couples had to do was share how Tinder played a part in their love story with the hashtag #TinderSuccessStory. Each couple's story was moving and heartfelt, showing a softer side to Tinder than is normally highlighted.

A few weeks ago Tinder announced the winner: recently engaged couple Ryan Holly and Logan Peters will get their dream wedding, courtesy of Tinder. Their story is truly moving, starting with Ryan giving Logan the courage to come out then, two years later, Logan asking Ryan's parents for their permission to marry him. It's a real love story and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

While the hashtag #TinderSuccessStory was originally intended for the Pride month contest, couples of all sexual orientations have been embracing it as a way to showcase the love the dating app brought them. Read on for some of the best #TinderSuccessStory tweets that prove that there's more than "hey, how's it going?" messages, fishing profile pictures, and random hookups on dating apps.

1. Let The Countdown Begin

Kerry Thompson on Twitter

2. A Picture Perfect Engagement

b r o o k e🖤 on Twitter

3. Be Proud Of Your History

Kimberley-Ann on Twitter

4. Shoutout To Tinder

Elizabeth Ann 🎀 on Twitter

5. The Story Of Their Lives

Lauren Wilcox on Twitter

6. Match Made On Tinder

Ella O'Brien on Twitter

7. The Date Is Set

Peter Burgess on Twitter

8. A First Date That Turned Into Many

✌MsBritty❤ on Twitter

9. Started From A Right Swipe

Aaron Jay Ledesma on Twitter

10. Slid Into Her DMs — And Her Heart

melbirdsall on Twitter

11. Pure Happiness Together

Gene on Twitter

12. Some Rules Should Be Broken

Delaney Kiernan on Twitter

13. Celebrating Their Lasting Love

a girl with curls on Twitter

14. First Comes Tinder, Then Comes Baby

Ashley Matthews on Twitter

15. First Date Was The Charm

Jess Tsuei on Twitter

16. A Hookup Turned Love Story

Trish on Twitter

17. She Even Got Two Pets Out Of It

Maranda Burkley on Twitter

18. Keeping That Spark Alive

Beca Wiseman on Twitter

19. That's Love Right There

Rachel Moss on Twitter

Whether it leads to one date or a baby, there's no denying the OG of dating apps has the power to forge strong connections between its users.

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