20 Harry Potter-Inspired Wedding Accessories You Can Buy On Etsy

Full disclosure: I got married five years ago. I didn’t plan my wedding then (because bleh, weddings — thanks Mom!) and I’m not the world’s biggest fan of weddings now. Don’t get me wrong, love and lifelong companionship are great and all, but weddings, with all that advanced planning and pastel-colored tulle and everyone you know looking at you all day long — not my fave. However, these Harry Potter wedding items, all of which you can easily find on Etsy, might just be changing my mind. (Harry Potter-themed vow renewal, anyone?)

If you and your betrothed are self-proclaimed Potterheads (first of all, congratulations on finding your Potter-loving match!) then you might just find yourself walking down the aisle to the tune of a Harry Potter-themed wedding. And from Hogwarts textbook wedding favors and Golden Snitch ring boxes, to Marauders Map-style wedding invitations and cake toppers that will have any Harry Potter fan’s heart a-flutter, these Harry Potter Etsy finds are just what you need to make your big day as magical as Hogwarts itself.

Here are 20 totally adorable Harry Potter wedding items that you can buy on Etsy. (Suffice it to say that every “Always” quote item you’ve ever wanted can be found here.)

"Always" Quote Wedding Shoe Decals


Handmade to order, these shoe decals are adorable. One reads "After All This Time" and the other reads "Always" (with the Deathly Hallows A for a little added Harry Potter flare.)

"Always" Quote Wedding Shoe Decals, $6, Etsy

Customized Toasting Flutes


Toast to your Potter-inspired love with this set of laser engraved toasting flutes, featuring everyone's favorite romantic Harry Potter quote. Each flute can be personalized with your name and wedding date as well!

Customized Toasting Flutes, $30, Etsy

Golden Snitch Ring Box


You don't want your wedding rings flying away anymore than you do that Golden Snitch. This Golden Snitch ring box features a golden snitch necklace with metal wings and a chain to slide your rings onto. Adorable.

Golden Snitch Ring Box, $24.17, Etsy

"Always" Quote Wedding Guest Book


This eye-catching wedding guest book is handmade to order out of rustic walnut or oak and includes 60 pages for your guests to share lots of loving messages on. Customize the cover with your names and wedding date!

"Always" Quote Wedding Guest Book, $36.95, Etsy

"After All This Time" Quote Wedding Garter


Check something new, something blue, AND something Harry Potter off your wedding day list with this wedding garter, featuring the quotes "After All This Time?" and "Always".

"After All This Time" Quote Wedding Garter, $30, Etsy

Harry Potter Themed Personalized Cosmetic Bag


Don't forget about your Harry Potter-loving wedding party! A perfect favor for your bridesmaids, this Harry Potter-themed cosmetics bag is great for giving your leading ladies everything they need on the big day.

Harry Potter Themed Personalized Cosmetic Bag, $13.95, Etsy

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper Harry Potter Inspired Cake Topper


Your guests definitely can't miss all the Potter-love if it's sitting atop your wedding cake. (No Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans-inspired cakes, please.)

Mr & Mrs Cake Topper Harry Potter Inspired Cake Topper, $14.50, Etsy

Marauders Map Style Wedding Invitation Suite


Make sure your guests know your day will be all kinds of Wizarding World-magical from the very beginning, with these Marauders Map-style wedding invitations.

Marauders Map Style Wedding Invitation Suite, $2.77 per-invite, Etsy

Open Bar or Cash Bar Printable Sign


Whether you're gifting your guests an open bar, or keeping them honest with a cash bar, they'll love solemnly swearing that they're up to no good. Promise.

Open Bar or Cash Bar Printable Sign, $5, Etsy

Hogwarts Textbook Wedding Favors


Inspired by some of the iconic books of Hogwarts library, these wedding party favors are too cute to beat.

Hogwarts Textbook Wedding Favors, $18.31, Etsy

Harry Potter Table Place Names


Take your Harry Potter inspiration all the way to your seating chart, with these table place names. 12 different Harry Potter inspired places are featured in this package, including: The Leaky Cauldron, The Three Broomsticks, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Honeydukes Sweetshop, Gringotts, Flourish & Blotts, and more.

Harry Potter Table Place Names, $29.99, Etsy

Harry Potter Photo Booth Props


Let your guests in on the Harry Potter fun with this set of Harry Potter photo booth props. Let's be honest, the Sorting Hat complements any evening gown.

Harry Potter Photo Booth Props, $26, Etsy

Always Cake Topper


Another cake topper that'll remind everyone of your love, not only for each other, but for Harry Potter too.

Always Cake Topper, $14, Etsy

Harry Potter Wedding Bouquet Collection


Carry the pages of your favorite books down the aisle with this Harry Potter wedding bouquet collection. Each flower is made using high quality images taken from the illustrated pages of the books (aka: no books were harmed in the making of this flower arrangement.)

Harry Potter Wedding Bouquet Collection, $25.60, Etsy

Always Harry Potter Veil


Festive and whimsical, this Always veil will definitely leave an impression as you walk down the aisle.

Always Harry Potter Veil, $53.98, Etsy

Printable Gold Wedding Program


Sweet, simple, and magical, this printable gold wedding program is instantly downloadable from Etsy (perfect for the DIY-couple) and customizable to your unique wedding

Printable Gold Wedding Program, $10, Etsy

Bride And Groom Wedding Cake Topper


One last cake topper to consider, these handmade Harry Potter figures are customizable to you and your soon-to-be-wedded, as well as your preferred Hogwarts House.

Bride And Groom Wedding Cake Topper, $96.89, Etsy

I Found A Keeper Bachelorette Party Tank Top


Start the party early with this Harry Potter-themed bachelorette party tank. They come in a variety of colors, and your bridal party gets their own too!

I Found A Keeper Bachelorette Party Tank Top, $13, Etsy

Harry Potter Book Bursts


Constructed from vintage texts from thrift stores, antique shops, local used bookstores, and libraries, these Harry Potter book bursts will add an artsy (and literary!) touch to your wedding day.

Harry Potter Book Bursts, $35, Etsy

Accio Ring Dish


This adorable dish will ensure you never loose your wedding rings, from "I do" and beyond.

Accio Ring Dish, $8.50, Etsy