20 Inspiring Women’s History Month 2019 Instagram Captions To Post With Any Photo

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mar. 1 is a special day for women everywhere: it is the beginning of Women's History Month, a month dedicated to celebrating all women, a and a time that spotlights the extraordinary female heroes who have achieved so much. There are so many ways to acknowledge this month, and one small thing anyone can do is post about it on social media to spread the knowledge and celebration. Sharing a quote from a powerful woman is one way to show exactly what this month means to you, and the quotes make great Instagram captions to post in honor of Women's History Month.

This month is still quite new: it didn't become a national celebration until 1981, when Congress declared the week beginning Mar. 7, 1982, as Women's History Week. In 1987, it became Women's History Month. While the weeks of March are a great time to celebrate how amazing all women are, they are also a time to look back on feminism and women's history throughout the years. This month is all about recognizing the contributions great women have made to the United States, and there are so many of them. Don't let the month go by without spreading the love for powerful women out there who are doing their part to give us equal rights. It's especially important in today's political climate.

There are tons of quotes out there by incredible women, and they are all empowering enough to totally fire you up to make a change. If you want to find one to share to your Instagram, take a look at some of the most inspiring ones below: