20 New Books To Read This Summer, According To Authors

By Kerri Jarema

The thing I most look forward to every year is building a pile of new books to read during the summer. Yes, I was one of those kids who actually got excited about mandatory summer reading lists that teachers handed out during the last week of school. My enthusiasm for the institution of summer reading has only grown now that I'm an adult and I can choose whichever books I please. Without a doubt, by May of every year, I have already started looking for recommendations on websites and blogs, on social media, and, of course, from my fellow bookish friends. But really, is there anyone better to ask than another author?

In the summer reading recommendations list below, 20 authors — including Taylor Jenkins Reid, Samira Ahmed, Lilliam Rivera and Anna Pitoniak — share the one book that they think is a must-read for summer 2019. Their favorites run the gamut in terms of genre; there's romance, historical fiction, fantasy, short story collections, memoir, thriller, and so much more. Each of these books is already on shelves or will be before the season is out, making them the ideal additions to your beach bag, suitcase, or tote bag during all of your summer adventures. Oh, and you can consider this a 40-book recommendation list, because you should read the books by the authors making the recs, too. Consider your summer reading list officially stacked: