20 Things To Buy To Make Winter Go By Faster

Urban Outfitters/Forever 21

January is a month that often gets a bad rap. While it ushers in a new year, it also has the misfortune of directly following the onslaught of holidays that make the prospect of winter more bearable. It also feels like the longest month of the year, typically has the coldest temperatures for many areas across the United States, and is forever associated with the now-debunked "Blue Monday," the so-called most depressing day of the year. This combination of face-numbing temps, lack of fun holidays to look forward to, and pseudoscience makes a perfect recipe for the winter blahs. Luckily, there are tons of products that can help you deal with winter.

Here's a friendly reminder that winter doesn't have to be a lousy time! You can stave off these feelings by injecting your life with stuff — more specifically, stuff that's pretty much engineered to help you feel better by making your life warmer, cozier and all around more hygge. In fact, January provides you with the perfect excuse to do many things you might not get away with if it were any other time of year, like subsisting exclusively on fondue and hot chocolate, and also dressing in sweaters that are basically work-appropriate Snuggies. Ahead, a list of 20 things to help brighten up winter.


While winter may seem never-ending at the moment, it's basically an excuse to lean in to a lifestyle filled with warmth and comfort. These items are a great jumping off point to achieve peak coziness.