20 Things You’ll Love On Amazon If You’re Shady AF

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Sometimes, it's good to be a little shady. Between roommates, family, and nosey officemates, there's a lot of folks in your business and it's okay to let them know you're not having it. Whether you want some more privacy or you just want people to back off, there are some amazing products on Amazon that will help you be your best, shady self.

If you've got a desk mate at work who keeps staring over your shoulder whenever you get a text, there's a sneaky phone screen that'll totally block their view. Maybe you've got a roommate that loves to steal your favorite foods. Well, you can get yourself a fridge lock to keep your snacks safe against their thieving fingers.

Some of these sneaky items get into some James Bond-level spy territory. Sneak away an SD drive in a case that looks like a quarter or an outlet that’s really a safe. And of course, being shady doesn’t always mean being sneaky — there are some great products out there for when you just want to be a little passive aggressive or let people know you’d rather be left alone with a glass of wine. Being a little sly or wanting your privacy is not a bad thing. So, check out some of these low-key sneaky products and live up to your full shady potential.

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