Spotify Predicts The 2017 Songs Of The Summer

by Lakecia Hammond

Summer calls for hip to hip rides with friends to distant places, and Spotify just made things a lot easier for you. The streaming site has released their 2017 Song Of The Summer predictions in a playlist that would make a great soundtrack for your next road trip. With less than a month to spare until the official first day of summer, you'll want to make sure your playlist is ready when you are.

The list features the likes of Kendrick Lamar (obviously) and Imagine Dragons, making for a lit musical cocktail for everyone on board. Spotify picked the brains of Trends Experts to get insights on trending genres, streaming data, and how well a song is doing on the charts to make this list that could soon seem eerily accurate. (Of course, predicting what songs will catch on with people all summer is never an exact science.)

If you're skipping the drive and traveling by plane, or lounging aboard a cruise ship like a lucky duck, these songs will be equally satisfying as you coast through the summer. Here are some of the highlights of the list, so you can judge for yourself or just hear some new music.


"Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez

Start your road trip off with the sultry sounds of this Selena hit, guaranteed to bring on a sexy dance session.


"Crying In The Club" Vy Camila Cabello

Hate your exes in unison as you sing along to the song that will inspire you to say "new summer, who dis?"


"Swish Swish" By Katy Perry

If you need a good house beat to keep the party going, you can rely on Perry and Nicki Minaj.


"Thunder" By Imagine Dragons

Cool off with the stormy sounds of this Vegas rock band.


"Slow Hands" By Niall Horan

Catch up with friends during the ride with this adorable hit.


"The Cure" By Lady Gaga

Let Gaga cure your summer soundtrack with her heartfelt hit.


"DNA" By Kendrick Lamar

Leave it to Kendrick to wake us all up with this satisfyingly disruptive song about black triumph.


"Malibu" By Miley Cyrus

It's an easy breezy tune you'll want to hear on long trips.


"Strip That Down" By Liam Payne

For those who love a good hip hop/pop fusion, Quavo's collab with Liam Payne may be the recipe.


"Despacito" By Luis Fonsi

Brush up on your Spanish and dancing skills with this warm and catchy record.


"XO TOUR Llif3" By Lil Uzi Vert

It's the kickback song that's getting you prepped for the day and is equally satisfying to listen to as you're winding down.

If your friends are anything like mine, they'll want to hear a mix of genres, making this playlist perfect for all ears as you're cruising down the highway.