21 Awesome Things On Amazon Under $1 Every Grown-Ass Woman Will Be Obsessed With


Pretty much nothing makes me happier in life than a really good deal. In high school, I got my homecoming dress at a thrift store for two dollars and I’ve been hooked on insane deals ever since. And recently, I’ve become become obsessed with things on Amazon under $1.

At first, you might think the virtual dollar bin of Amazon would only hold cheap plastic toys or hard candies left over from the '80s. And sure, I have bought frivolous items like a bunch of those sticky hands that you throw at the wall, but there's so much more. For less than half a cup of coffee, you can get useful items that any grown-ass woman will love.

Like charcoal. You may have read about the multitude of uses for activated charcoal and wanted to give it a try, but paying 20 dollars for a bunch of black powder is a little steep. How about getting it for under a buck? That way, you can whiten your teeth and post funny pictures of your mouth full of charcoal all for less than a Snickers bar.

So, take in these dollar delights and enjoy the array of affordability that Amazon has to offer.


A Soft Fan Brush To Make Your Highlight Glow

SMTSMT Super Soft Fan Makeup Brush, $1, Amazon

Finding a fan brush for your makeup isn't easy and it's exceptionally hard to find one for just over a quarter. But this miraculous brush with its super soft nylon bristles is perfect for applying highlight on your cheekbones.


The Sponge That Works Just Like A Beauty Blender

CAETLE Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Sponge, $1, Amazon

I know Beauty Blenders are some kind of makeup innovation, but paying a lot of money for a sponge always seems like a bit much to me. Especially when this cute blue beauty sponge is only a dollar. It's got a wide end for covering large areas of the face and a tapered end for concealer.


The Charcoal Powder That Whitens Your Teeth

Baomabao Activated Bamboo Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder, $2, Amazon

This is the deal of the century. It seems like everybody on earth is using activated charcoal to whiten their teeth and this powder is the most affordable option possible. It's completely natural and organic and comes with a toothbrush for only a dollar!


A Tiny Duster For All The Places You Forget To Dust

Kemilove Mini Duster, $3, Amazon

When's the last time you cleaned your car's air vents or the heating vents in your apartment? For me, the answer is never, so I should invest a few quarters in this mini duster. It gets into all the small spaces and has a brush end for anything else you need to dust off.


These Squirrels Are The Cutest Wine Accessories Ever

Cathery Wine Bottle Stopper and Label Markers, $2 (Set of 7), Amazon

Not only will you keep your wine fresh, but you'll also make it more adorable with this set. You get a few cute squirrel wine stoppers and some equally cute squirrel glass labels. Now, you'll always know which glass is yours at a party and you get to drink with a squirrel!


A Squishy Stress Ball That Looks Like A Cookie

PPBUY Super Slow Rising Macaron Toy, $1, Amazon

Do not eat these! Yes, they look delicious, but they're actually stress toys. The realistic looking macaron is super squishy and slowly rises back to it's original shape to be squished again. The only downside to this cute stress reliever is you may have a constant craving for macarons.


The Tiny Brush To Clean Your Reusable Straws

Hosaire Simple Drink Straw Cleaning Brush Kit, $0.16 (5 Pieces), Amazon

It's almost impossible to clean straws or other small kitchen items, but this brush makes it easy. It's just a tiny bottle brush that can get into every crevice. Oh, you also get five brushes for less than a quarter!


The Bottle Opener With Antique Style

Geniuskids Vintage Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, $1, Amazon

Add a vintage touch to your home or wherever you drink most often with this cast iron bottle opener. With a bottle opener bolted to your wall, you'll never have to search around for one ever again.


A Tool That Applies Face Masks Evenly

DaySeventh Facial Mud Mask Mixing Brush, $0.69, Amazon

There are so many great, affordable masks out there, why not have a great, affordable brush to go with them? The ergonomic handle is easy to grip and the bristles are soft for smooth application — and it'll keep your hands and any germs out of your mask jars.


The Silicone Mats That Make Cooking So Much Easier

Geniuskids Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, $1, Amazon

If you cook or bake at all, you should get this mat. It automatically makes every cookie pan non-stick and makes cleanup a million times easier. Plus, you'll save money since you won't have to put down parchment paper or foil every time you bake.


The Angry Lady That Cleans Your Microwave

Shop Here Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner, $3, Amazon

Have an angry looking woman clean your microwave! Just add water and vinegar into this little lady cleaner and turn the microwave on. It gets all the hardened junk off the walls of the microwave, so you just have to wipe it down to get everything beautifully clean.


These Adorable Stamps For Your Nails

Willtoo DIY Nail Art Stamping Plates, $2, Amazon

Up your manicure game with these nail stamps. Just paint some polish onto the image you like and stamp it onto your nail. That's it! Now you can have the floral nails of your dreams with almost no effort.


A Box For All Your False Eyelashes

Beautyvan False Eyelash Storage Box, $1, Amazon

If you have lots of false eyelashes or just want a really cute storage box, get this adorable container. Whether you use it for eyelashes or not, it's a sweet little compartment with mirror that fits easily into any makeup bag.


A Cute Tote That Will Hold All Your Groceries

Reusable Grocery Bag, $0.89, Amazon

A lot of states are starting to ban plastic bags (or charge you extra for them) at grocery stores, so this reusable bag is super useful. The cotton net design makes it really portable. You can keep it in your car or purse and it'll be there for any surprise trips to the supermarket. It's machine washable and made of 100 percent cotton.


The Stylish Laundry Hamper That's Collapsible

Didihou Collapsible Laundry Hamper, $10, Amazon

Sadly, the cute stuffed dog doesn't come with purchase, but this hamper is still so great. It's fully collapsible and looks just as chic as anything you'd find in a store, except it costs about 50 times less. Also, now you know how cute it looks when you put a stuffed dog in an awesome laundry basket.


The Wand Set That Will Last Forever

Mascara Wands Hot Pink, $1 (Pack of 50), Amazon

This set of 50 wands is great for any aspiring makeup artists, or people who constantly break and lose their eyebrow spoolies. It's a good deal, and you could always use more spoolies.


The Little Purse With A Retro Design

Toraway Retro Small Coin Purse, $0.48, Amazon

How cute is this! This small coin purse secures with a clasp on top and comes in this great vintage desert design. If this cactus look isn't quite your cup of tea, they have a couple other patterns to choose from, all for less than 50 cents.


The Stand That Makes Your Makeup Sponges Look Like Fun Monsters

Makeup Sponges Stand, $2 (2 Pieces), Amazon

It's hard to get your sponges to dry completely, since they're usually laying on a counter. Instead, prop them up with these cute little stands! Not only will your sponges dry thoroughly and keep away from dust and dirt, they'll also look like little bird monsters, in an adorable way.


The Tiny Octopus You Can Squeeze

Oubao Squishy Octopus, $1, Amazon

If you've always wanted a little octopus to call your own, here's your chance. This tiny octopus is a squishy stress reliever that fits in the palm of your hand. Why would you need this? Why wouldn't you want a cute sea creature to squeeze!


The Jeweled Hook That Can Hold Your Bag

Folding Hook Handbag Holder, $1, Amazon

If you're hanging out in a bar or restaurant without a purse hook, now you can bring your own. This jewel sits atop a table and the hook hangs down, giving you a place to hang your bag. So, you won't have to keep your bag on the floor when you go out for a coffee.


The Drain Protector That Looks Like A Doily

Hosaire Drain Protector, $1, Amazon

It's great to protect your drains from future clogs and it's also great to have a lacy flower to look at every time you wash your dishes. This silicone protector keeps your pipes clean and has a cute lacy look right out of the '60s. Adding flowers to your home always makes it a happier place, so putting flowers in your drains is sure to do the same.

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