These Food Puns Are Exactly What Your Valentine's Day Card Needs This Year

Cute food puns for Valentine's cards

You probably have no trouble expressing your feelings to your Valentine in person, but finding the right thing to say in a card can be complicated. Hear me out: using food puns in your Valentine's Day card can be adorable, surprising, and clever. On Valentine's Day you want to make your partner feel loved and cherished, but you also want to make them smile. So save the sappy stuff for pillow talk later on, and make card writing less complicated by making it punny.

You can buy a serious looking card and shock your Valentine with a short and punchy one liner, or you can dig into your craft box and draw or paint your own card, illustrating the chosen pun. For instance, you could draw a slice of pizza on the front of the card to accompany "Can I have a pizza you later tonight?" inside.

Pick the puns that make you smile and share them with your partner in whatever way feels most authentic. Leave them notes around the house with different puns, text them, or pack them into a sappy card to balance it out.

1. We are mint to be.

2. We are a matcha made in heaven.

3. You mean so mochi to me!

4. Thanks for always pudding up with me, honey.

5. You are too gouda to brie forgotten.

6. Don't go bacon my heart.

7. You wanna pizza me?

8. I carrot bout you so much.

9. Churro I need.

10. I donut know what I would do without you.

11. My heart beets for you.

12. You look so radishing to me.

13. Will you brie my Valentine?

14. You're my butter half.

15. We make a great pear.

16. Olive you so much.

17. Let's give them something to taco bout.

18. Lick me until ice cream!

19. You are my sweetie pie.

20. I am your biggest flan.

21. The s’more time we spend together, the s’more grateful I am to have you in my life.