A List Of All The Valentine's Day Items You Can Buy At Aldi Right Now


Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year, so that means many of us will be grabbing treats and gifts on the way home from work. Luckily, there are already lots of Valentine's Day items you can buy at Aldi. Whether you go all out on the holiday, or just like to add a touch of pink or a dab of hearts to your day, you'll want to take advantage of the super affordable sweets and decor items that are up for grabs at Aldi ahead of Valentine's Day.

Because the line of festive treats is so reasonably priced, you might want to stock up and bring the love with you to the office and to share with friends when you meet up during happy hour. After all, Valentine's Day isn't just about celebrating your romantic relationships, it's about spreading love and letting people know you care about them. So, grab a box of conversation heart cookies for your co-workers the next time you're standing in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Here's a list of Valentine's Day items you can get now at Aldi, and they'll be adding more products like flower arrangements and fresh baked goods as we get closer to the big day.

1. A Plush Bear

This plush teddy makes a cute gift, or can be used as a tabletop decoration.

2. Fuzzy Heart Socks

You can never have enough fuzzy socks, especially in the dead of winter, so why not add yet another pair to your collection?

3. Heart-Shaped Bakeware

Because it's always a good time to make heart-shaped baked goods.

4. Romantic Pillow & Throw

Just pop this throw and pillow on your couch or bed to give your home a quick Valentine's Day makeover.

5. Pop-Up Card

Why go with a typical flat Valentine's Day card when you can pick up this pop-up card, which feels more substantial.

6. Heart Conversation Cookies

Let your cookies do all the talking for you. These treats will look great on display and make a great grab-and-go dessert if you're hosting for Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day.

7. Valentine's Day-Themed Rice Krispie Treats

These iconic treats are a great option for when you want to show a little love to your favorite co-workers.

8. Heart-Shaped Pasta

Make your Valentine's Day dinner more romantic by subbing traditional pasta for heart-shaped pasta, duh.

9. Heart-Shaped Pizza

The only thing better than pizza is heart-shaped pizza. Share this cheese pie with your lover or enjoy it all by yourself. There's no wrong choice here.

10. Valentine's Day Cookies

If you want to make Valentine's Day cookies but don't have time to bake from scratch, these pre-mixed sugar cookies are a great and festive option.

11. Be My Valentine Cakes

These nostalgic mini cakes will be greatly appreciated in the break room or on your own kitchen table.

12. Truffle Heart Candy

Grab a few of these chocolate truffle hearts and keep them on hand for anyone who makes an unexpected visit.

13. A Welcome Mat

Swap out the old welcome mat for a fresh one to really get into the Valentine's Day spirit.

Stay up to date with Aldi's seasonal and festive offerings here.