21 Freaking Weird Skin Care Products On Amazon That Are Actually Amazing

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It wasn't too long ago that our only facial care options were cold cream and bar soap. Today, there's an endless variety of toners, moisturizers, and masks to keep our skin in pristine condition. But things are starting to get weird. Like placenta on your face weird. Though some bizarre skin care products are a little scary, they can do wonders for the skin.

Since we live in the age of the internet, there's no reason you have to rely on the same, boring facial products for the rest of your life. It's so easy to branch out past your local drugstore, why not try some of the weird beauty products out there? Sure, rubbing snail extract all over your face might sound a little strange, but people swear by the results.

Not all the products are made of the grossest parts of nature. There's an icy facial massager and a soap made of coal. Now, coal soap does sound like a punishment gift from Santa, but I promise it's actually great.

The world of skincare is always changing. So, instead of running away from some of these weird skincare innovations, why not give them a try? Be brave and embrace the world of weird beauty!

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