21 Weird New Korean Beauty Products That Are Sure To Go Viral

By Emily Estep
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The world of Korean beauty is always changing — with new extracts, products, and ingredients popping up and gaining popularity seemingly overnight. Of course, thanks to the internet and social media, keeping up with the latest viral Korean beauty products has never been easier.

These days, everyone knows all about snail goo and bee venom creams and serums, but have you heard about the benefits of birch sap? Ginseng or Centella? Donkey milk? These are just a few of the active ingredients that Korean beauty experts are swearing by lately. With every carefully curated new product, it's easy to see what makes Korean beauty so diverse and wonderful — while initially some things may seem strange and unusual, they always seem to be gentle, unique, and effective. And besides skincare, they're always inventing innovative and interesting makeup products like cushion blushers or lip tints, which add a natural pop of color to an otherwise super low-maintenance look.

If you would like to know what the next Korean beauty trends are going to be before they hit your Instagram feed or the big-box pharmacy of your choice, check out this list of weird new Korean beauty products that are sure to go viral.

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