21 Horror Movie Gifts For Anyone Who Wants To Showcase Their Fandom Every Day

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Horror movie fanatics, there's no reasons you should shy away from showing your appreciation for the macabre in your daily life. You shouldn't have to hide your interests just because you happen to love watching masked murderers roam shadowy streets more than you do, say, Disney movies. If those fans can rock their Mickey Mouse t-shirts and Cinderella bags, why can't you do the same with horror movie merchandise? These 21 creative, unexpected items should be purchased with pride — even the weird ones. Or especially the weird ones.

From Alfred Hitchcock noir to A24's modern classics Hereditary and Us, horror has always played an important role in cinematic history. People who don't love to watch scary movies would probably not think to call any horror movie merch "cute" or "pretty," but they'd be surprised to see some of the adorable and beautifully crafted items on this list. When it comes to wearing, carrying, or even decorating your house with fandom pride, it's not all bloody daggers and decapitated heads — though, sometimes it is that, and that's cool too. There are a lot of really fun ways to incorporate your love of horror into your lifestyle, starting with these 21 items.

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