21 Of The Most Genius New Beauty Products You Can Get On Amazon

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Navigating the beauty world on Amazon may seem as overwhelming as an endless pile of laundry, but once you become privy to the most genius new beauty products you can get on Amazon, it’s like being a kid in the candy store — so many tempting options to choose from.

Of course, most of us probably have our own list of favorite go-to body creams, lippies, face masks, and hot tools, but part of what keeps that list growing is trying new products that become just as — if not more — memorable. We’re talking about mascara that features a high-tech brush that promises to lengthen and separate even the tiniest eye lashes, a mood-changing lipstick, and the latest in Korea's cutting edge skin care.

Not only is everyone talking about these brilliant beauty products on social media (because there’s nothing cooler than seeing someone on Instagram washing their face with a cleanser that turns into snow), but they’re seriously effective too. So while there’s no reason to toss that lip gloss you love, we’re confident that this list of genius new products — many of which are hard to find in stores — will soon become your new favorites.

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