NYC Snow Pics Will Make You Glad You're Not There

by Cate Carrejo
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Thousands of university students in New York City, including yours truly, were let loose for Spring Break this week just in the nick of time. Like Canadian geese, many of us migrated South for the winter and barely swerved Winter Storm Stella, which blasted NYC with several inches of snow Tuesday. Although the storm wasn't as bad as originally predicted, any snow in mid-March still sucks, and it's definitely enough to make you wish you had gotten out of town too. These 21 pictures of New York in the blizzard will make you wish you were in Florida like I am right now.

As I write this article poolside, cackling at the plebeians fighting through Trader Joe's lines and desperately trying to order delivery, I still feel your pain. The very first winter I lived in New York (after having lived my whole life in South Texas), the accumulated snowfall was almost 60 inches. It was enough to make you go stir-crazy, especially with no inoculation to the specific misery of a snowstorm.

If I could, I'd bring you all with me to Florida so we could all live in such good fortune, but alas, I don't have that kind of dough. For now, commiserate with these pictures of the snow and try to forget how f***ing cold it is outside.

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This Is Usually PACKED

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The Cabin Fever Would Be Insane

Nope. Just No.

OK, This One's Actually Not So Bad

Times Square Is Already Pretty Bad, But With Snow It's Just Awful

Get Ready For A Lot Of Shoveling

"Traffic Flowing Well" Might Be An Overstatement

Just Looking At It Makes You Tired

"Great Time For A Walk," Said No One Ever

You Couldn't Escape Even If You Wanted To

The Statue Is Awesome, The Snow Is Meh

Seems About Right

The Only Time New York Is A Ghost Town

Even The Subway Was Empty

At Least It Serves Some Purpose?

It Really Was 70 Degrees Just Two Weeks Ago

WOW, Such Good Dogs

Something Tells Me Those Cars Aren't Going Anywhere For A While

Even though the weather sucks sometimes, New York City is still one of the most beautiful places in the world, and even moreso when it snows. It'll probably all be melted by sometime next week, so just cuddle up with Netflix and try to order a piña colada if GrubHub is still working. I'll be on the beach if you need me.