21Things To Buy For Pride That Support Independent Makers

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You might fly a rainbow flag all year, but June is still the time you’re most likely to see rainbows popping up in the wild. Pride Month can be an exciting time. Some people are just coming out and have never been in a mass of LGBTQ people before. Others have been out for years but always come back for the festival freebies. Or, you might be in between: you’ll avoid the parades and festivals, but you’ll still smirk when you see rainbows creeping up in your hometown, scandalizing or delighting all those in their path.

As Pride Month goes on, you might wonder how in the heck you can deck yourself out in the most Pride gear possible (or maybe that’s just me). These Pride 2019 things to buy all support independent LGBTQ artists, because there are enough corporate Pride rainbows out there.

Whatever your approach to Pride is, the month can serve as a great reminder to support independent LGBTQ artists making beautiful content, designs, or products just for you. Especially considering the ways that wage inequality disproportionately impacts trans and LGB communities, supporting LGBTQ artists is a great way to get your Pride on. These 21 items support LGBTQ makers and creators, during Pride and all year long.


Buying your Pride gear from independent artists and makers is a critical part of making sure your Pride celebration centers people who don't have the support of big corporations behind them. Here's to giving local makers their due this Pride.

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