21 Rad Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memes Ranked From Notorious To Nasty

Allison Shelley/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Break out the party hats and festive jabots. Supreme Court justice and internet meme darling Ruth Bader Ginsburg turns 84 on Wednesday! There are many reasons to love and admire RBG. She is the second woman to serve on the Supreme Court; she has a storied career full of glass-ceiling shattering and barrier-breaking; and she likes to drink wine before the State of the Union address. So let's all raise a glass to this feminist icon, and wish her a happy birthday, and many, many, many — can't stress this enough — many more to come. The future of our nation may very well depend on it.

Over the last few years, the internet has embraced Ginsberg, and showered her with memes depicting her brilliance and intellectual prowess. Her quotes on equal rights, reproductive rights and being a strong woman have become feminist rallying cries. And you can't overlook the characterization she is most known for, as the "Notorious RBG."

She is a fierce defender of the principles she holds to be true, but still maintained a close friendship with the justice she had probably had least in common with in terms of their legal interpretation approaches, Antonin Scalia. She's a nuanced woman with the strength of someone half her age (just ask Politico's Ben Schreckinger, who barely made it through the justice's intense exercise routine), and the memes dedicated to her show the mark she has had made on this and future generations of ambitious women.

21. Break The Mold

Ginsburg is a fountain of motivation.

20. A Day In The Life

What's a Supreme Court justice to do? Quite a bit it seems.

19. "So-called"

After Donald Trump called the judge who blocked his travel ban a "so-called judge," we can only imagine what RGB had to say about that.

18. The Whole Ruth

That's an oath we can get behind.

17. Keep Your Head Up

Ginsburg knows you can't let the small stuff distract you from your goals.

16. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Don't judge a justice by her collar.

14. Can't Buy Me Democracy

RGB isn't shy about Citizens United.

14. Staying Alive

Democrats are counting on RBG being on the bench until at least 2020.

13. Fighting For Every Voice

Ginsburg is stalwartly committed to equality.

12. Supreme Happy Hour

Cocktails are poured in her honor.

11. Dissent Does Not Make You Disagreeable

This children's book about Ginsburg's life and career teaches kids about the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

10. Slay, RGB

Ginsburg channeling her inner Bey.

9. A Woman's Place

It's not a privilege for us to be at the table, it's a right.

8. Femmesplain

RBG wil not allow for your mainsplaining.

7. Fight The Good Fight

Reminding us all that persistence is important, but so is passion.

6. Who Run The World?

Ginsburg shrugs off the perception that a nine-woman Supreme Court would be shocking.

5. Sweating To The Oldies

Ginsburg's workout regimen is no joke. Politico sent a reporter to workout with RBG's trainer, and he barely lived to tell the tale.

4. Mount Nasty

The perfect homage to our favorite female leaders.

3. RGB Costumes

Young girls dressing up as Ginsburg is as heart-warming as it is adorable.

2. Ginsburned

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon as Ginsburg was exactly what we needed after the election, as she chugged Emergen-C, told us she'd never die and dished out "Ginsburns" to Mike Pence and others.

1. Notorious RBG

It doesn't get better than the classic Notorious RGB meme.