21 GIFs Of Matt Czuchry Looking Hot & Doling Out Wisdom In 'The Resident'

Guy D'Alema/FOX

You may know The Resident (co-creators: Hayley Schore and Amy Holden Jones) star Matt Czuchry best from Gilmore Girls (creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino) or even The Good Wife (creator: Michelle King). While his character might share a few similarities to some favorite roles, on The Resident he's neither a lawyer nor a rich Yale student. His character might think he's in a sort of life and death brigade, but he's a doctor now. He's got tattoos, bracelets, a scruffy beard, and the GIFs of Matt Czuchry in The Resident are not only a treat to look at, but will give you the boost you need to make it through the week.

On The Resident (director: Bronwen Hughes, one episode), Czuchry plays Conrad, one of the titular residents at the hospital. He's unorthodox, and his diagnoses are akin to a private detective finding that one hidden clue.

He's also like, very intense on the show. Maybe a little too intense sometimes — but that's what makes for a good character. He may think he has all of the answers, but he has a lot to learn as well. Whether you're watching the show and need to revisit some of these already epic moments, or are still deciding whether or not to give The Resident (director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, one episode) a shot, take a journey with me through these GIFs for every occasion.

1. When The Coffee Kicks In

Conrad likes to help people. He has the world's best intentions.

2. When Someone Knows Just What To Say

Words of affirmation are 100 percent his love language.

3. Showing Up To Trivia Like

Just like every other TV doctor on every other TV doctor show, Conrad can be a bit pretentious.

4. When You Can't Think Of A Job Other Than Doctor

Sometimes, his threats are pretty innocuous. Are you shaking in your scrubs?

5. When The Stakes Aren't High Enough

Sometimes he's a little more gruff.

6. When It Gets Too Real

Because this show is serious. There are no rose-colored glasses. You know how doctors vow to do no harm? Conrad has some bad news for you.

7. When You Never Want To See That One Co-Worker Again But Have To Pretend Like You Do

He really has it out for that one guy, doesn't he?

8. When You Need A New Tinder Bio

Dramatic, much?

9. Trying To Look Busy During A Work Emergency

Not suspicious at all, Conrad. Not suspicious at all.

10. When You Finally Find The Right Instagram Filter

That warm lighting really makes him look soft and agreeable.

11. Pour One Out For How Awesome You Are

This is not a real energy drink, by the way.

12. Of All The Rooms In All The Hospitals

She had to walk into his... or that one.

13. Trying To Make Good Financial Decisions Like

Look at Conrad, trying so hard to stand up to authority. He wants to save lives so bad right now.

14. When Your Sexual Innuendo Doesn't Quite Land

Bro, don't do it.

15. That Feeling When Someone Doesn't Listen To You

Shoulda listened.

16. When You Need To Get Home & Watch LOST

Finally, Conrad seems to have found some respect for his fellow residents.

17. When You See A Bad Take On Twitter


18. When You're Giving Vague, Sage Advice

He's not a regular doctor. He wears that one American Apparel hoodie that literally everyone on TV wears. He's a cool doctor.

19. Sometimes You Have To Make Your Own Alone Time

There is some potential 'shipping on this show, particularly between these two.

20. When You Love Pulp Fiction But You're A Professional

Nothing says renegade doctor like stabbing someone in the chest.

21. Getting Called Out By Your Boss In Broad Daylight

At the end of the day, residents are students and The Resident (editor: Nicole Vaskell, two episodes) can't ignore that completely. Still, do these GIFs make you feel like you can take on the world — or at least the hospital administration? Love him or hate him, Conrad knows exactly what he is about. That's admirable. As is his face.