21 Sexy & Comfortable Lingerie Pieces

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When it comes to intimate apparel, it really all comes down to what's going to make you feel your best. If that happens to be a corset and a G-string, all power to you. However, if you want your lingerie to be both sensual and comfy, the hunt for the perfect piece becomes a little more challenging, especially if you're shopping online. Yet, it's not impossible to find an undergarment that ticks both boxes. The best sexy, comfortable lingerie pieces look ravishing without feeling restricting, and the 21 options below all come with rave Amazon reviews too.

So, what makes a sexy romper or tantalizing bra and panty set feel welcomingly wearable instead of "burn-this-piece-now" unpleasant? It all comes down to material and cut. For fabrics, look for ones featuring breathable cotton or jersey that won't irritate or dig into skin. For a stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, a polyester blend, like polyester-spandex, is a good choice. And if you're a sucker for lace, which often can feel itchy, choose a piece with lace trim or accents instead of it comprising the majority of the garment.

In terms of cut, look for either non-restrictive shapes (think: flowy robes or A-line nightgowns) or if you desire something more form-fitting, make sure it has a good amount of stretch and comes with features like adjustable straps and drawstring waistbands.

With that in mind, it's time to shop. Whether you like babydoll slips or bralette and short combos, there's a seductive lingerie piece below that is sure to pass the wearability test.