Trump's "Witch Hunt" Tweet Got Meme-d Hard

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Trump's tweets are often ridiculous. At times, it seems to be a source of pride for Trump to tweet whatever he likes, whenever he wants, in whatever lingo he so chooses. And while many of us are prone to exaggeration, few can compete with Trump in the department of hyperbole, as evidenced in Trump's most recent tweet calling the investigation into his administration's alleged ties to Russia "the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history." And judging by the barrage of memes mocking Trump's "witch hunt" tweet, it seems that even by his standards, this one was a stretch.

There's a long history in this country of politicians, and especially presidents, being subjected to all manner of inquiry that a free press and dissenting ideas tends to bring. But it was especially rich coming from Trump, a man who exhibited zero qualms about pushing unfounded conspiracy theories. In fact, one of his favorite targets was President Obama, as Trump is well known for being a primary pusher of the "birther" conspiracy. Trump also, you know, often presided over "Lock her up" chants aimed at Hillary Clinton. The list of politicians he's insinuated terrible things about goes on.

Here's a small sampling of what Twitter had to say about Trump's playing the witch hunt victim:


Trump threw serious shade at Obama

From claiming Obama's birth certificate was a "fraud" to implying the 44th president actually had something to do with the death of a public health official, Trump sure spent a lot of time smearing the former POTUS to be crying foul now.


That Kenya claim keeps coming back

Again, you can't declare that the president isn't actually a citizen of America, fail to prove anything of the sort, and then claim you're being treated unfairly because the Justice Department thinks an investigation into your administration is warranted. Sorry, not sorry.


But her emails!

Should Secretary Clinton have set up a private email server, and not revealed that up front? Well, no. But is anyone going to judge that a worse crime than potentially being compromised by hostile foreign powers? I don't think so.


Ted Cruz's dad & JFK's assassination

Remember when Trump suggested his Republican primary rival Ted Cruz's father was somehow implicated in the murder of JFK? Anyone? Yeah. That happened.


Time to be an adult already

Investigations happen. President Bill Clinton endured a special investigator, and so did President Reagan. Neither of them ended up losing their job, and both emerged more or less alright after the ordeal. If there's no "there" there, Trump really shouldn't have to whine quite this much...



It's like Justin Timberlake says: "What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around..."


When a speech to graduates turns into a pity party for yourself...

No one is quite sure why Trump turned a speech to the Coast Guard graduating class into a declaration of his own perceived mistreatment, but whatever the reason, that's not a good move.


Who's the tough guy now?

Trump is tough, or so we were told. He definitely had no issue being "tough" on his opponents (calling Clinton a "nasty woman," for one) and protestors at rallies ("Get 'em out of here!" he often declared). But it looks like Trump might need a lesson in being a little tougher... on himself.


Telling it like it is

The investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 election and possible collusion with members of his administration is not a witch hunt. It's a necessary and urgent requirement to ensure the sanctity of our democracy stays strong.


Wait. Are we gonna see those taxes?!

Right-wingers like to pin liberals with the "snowflake" label, claiming they "melt" at the slightest touch.

Doesn't that sound more like Trump, though? Also: more information on Mueller possibly putting out a tax return subpoena, please!


But her emails! (Again)

Clinton spent a lot of time talking about her private email server. Trump spent even more time talking about it. The FBI did investigate that, and they came up with no charges. Maybe Trump's just afraid there's actually something to uncover in the investigation against him?


And that birtherism conspiracy theory... again

Trump's just going to keep getting reminders about this.


"Resting witch face"

You're welcome.


Is that an option?!

Let's get to the bottom of all this excitement about witch hunts already: there's the possibility this heads towards impeachment town.


That's "counsel" with an "s"

Trump's grammar and spelling often stray from the correct usage path. "WitchHunt on your spelling" is the best line of the day.


Reverse psychology: just say no

Trump does have an extraordinary way of turning himself — a self-described "very successful" businessman who now holds the highest office in the land — into some sort of a victim. No one's buying that, nope, not today.


Sopan Deb, in with the 'Crucible' win

If you're rusty on your 20th century American lit, Google Tituba.


Pot calling the kettle black

It's kind of like Trump just can't escape all those public, documented, well-recorded tweets...


No more blaming Spicer, OK?

Sure, Trump's communications team isn't always stellar. (Remember: Sean Spicer actually hid in a bush.) But when your boss tweets uncensored, unedited, and unfiltered thoughts at will, there's just so much any PR person can do.


The war on tiny candy

We're calling #WitchHunt on jelly bellies, here.



That pretty much sums it up.

This is what Trump's predecessor might call a "teachable moment" for him. When you make a name for yourself in the political world by fomenting conspiracy theories, don't expect any sympathy when you claim you're a victim of a "witch hunt."