21 "Trump's Legacy Will Be" Tweets Show How The President Breeds Partisanship

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ask the Twitterverse a question and you shall never be disappointed. This rule is definitely holding true for the question of what legacy the nation's 45th president will leave behind him, and the results are both surprising and anything but. These "Trump's Legacy Will Be" tweets will show you, if nothing else, that the gulf in the middle of the political spectrum is a deep one. The nation sees Trump from two different perspectives — and no matter how the rest of his presidency goes, it's likely that that gulf is not going to disappear easily.

Really, it all depends on what sources of information you trust. Congressional Republicans, the right-wing media, and Trump himself say that he's doing great. If you choose to listen to the mainstream media, however, the view is not so rosy. From the perspective of the left — and increasingly across the political spectrum — there's a good possibility that Trump has committed several potentially impeachable offenses, and he's a dangerous threat to the whole nation. Or, at best, he's a total buffoon and an embarrassment.

Looking through the #TrumpsLegacyWillBe tweets will show you all of these perspectives, often in very clever ways. So sit back with some popcorn and watch the responses roll in, or just take a look here at some of the best ones.

1. In The President's Own Words

Insomniac Trump on Twitter

I haven't seen this quotation from the president himself yet, but if I did, I wouldn't exactly be surprised.

2. A Twitter Legacy For The Tweeter In Chief

David E on Twitter

Seems reasonable to expect.

3. Trump's Legacy Will Be... Someone Else's Legacy

National Lampoon on Twitter

Technically, Pence was elected... as vice president. But I'm not going to be picky here.

4. In A Perfect World

Dreamweasel on Twitter

Surprising that the world needed to experience this cautionary tale in real life — or is it?

5. It's Only Fitting

Dana on Twitter

He does have the maturity level of a child, according to many.

6. Why Is The Tiny Hand Thing So Hard To Forget?

Miss Guided on Twitter

This just paints such an evocative picture.

7. Hope On The Right

Scott Presler on Twitter

This line has been parried around a lot lately, but it's interesting that this Republican commentator would consider him and his party to be the oppressed side right now.

8. A Lesson About Honesty

ErinHazel🐶RESIST🆗 on Twitter

Maybe the lack of honesty on the campaign trail should have been a hint...

9. Draining The Swamp?

Justsayin' on Twitter

Hard to say which "establishment" this guy is talking about, considering who Trump has put on his cabinet.

10. This Would Be A Real Surprise

Trump The Hill🏛 on Twitter

Surprisingly enough, this commentator does not consider Fox News to be a corporate, journalistic entity.

11. Short And To The Point

Darth Pooka. 🖖✊✌ on Twitter

We tried, and we tried, and we tried.

12. A Blurring Of The Truth

CC on Twitter

"Citizens armed with the internet report the TRUTH" might be the most terrifying sentence I've read this far into Trump's presidency.

13. Damaging For Democrats?

Jack Murphy on Twitter

I think we disagree on the meaning of just about every word that you've used.

14. Now, This Would Be A Real Achievement

Red T Raccoon on Twitter

Potentially colluding with an adversary to win an election? Yeah, that's serious.

15. No Words Necessary

Parker Molloy on Twitter

This was never going to end well.

16. The Last Four Months Notwithstanding

Wyatt Yasuhito on Twitter

Despite the setbacks on all of those fronts that Trump as faced so far, this guy is still feeling optimistic.

17. A Year Ago, This Seemed Impossible

Yogisvana on Twitter

I mean, Nixon never fired his FBI director.

18. This Has Worked Well So Far

knicks drunk. on Twitter

As expected, the courts are playing a YUGE role in Trump's presidency.

19. An Interesting Perspective

MarkGPMI on Twitter

Tainted by association, and all that.

20. This Has Already Happened

Greg Boggis on Twitter

It's a very special person who can bring all of those qualities together and still be supported by the party that claims "family values" as their own.

21. Best Case Scenario

Paul Matthew on Twitter

He's no William Henry Harrison, but at least you can hope that this turmoil will be short-lived.

Well, there you have it. The tweets keep rolling in, but the fundamental disagreement is clear — greatest president ever? Or greatest national embarrassment ever? Only time will tell, but the cards seem to be falling pretty convincingly in the latter of those directions.