21 Useful AF Products On Amazon For Under $1

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When I go to the dollar store, I'm not usually picking up a ton of useful items. Sure, it's fun to buy candy or holiday decorations, but wouldn't you rather get something useful for your hard earned dollar? You can, and it’s on the internet — there are lots of Amazon products for less than a dollar that make great staples in your everyday routine.

Maybe you want a super saturated gel eyeliner or an excellent contour brush? You won’t need to break the bank, since Amazon has them for 99 cents or less. Plus, you can get a funny looking but surprisingly awesome makeup sponge brush for an additional Washington. These products take care of most of your makeup needs for less than an order of fries.

But Amazon’s super affordable products don’t end with beauty deals. There are items to make your kitchen more efficient, like a set of infusers so you can enjoy loose-leaf tea, or a waterproof lunch bag that looks like a cute purse.

There’s no need to splash out tons of cash just to get something useful. Check out these amazing finds and revel in the fact that a dollar can still go a long way.

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