21 Weird But Amazingly Effective Natural Beauty Products on Amazon People Are Raving About

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I'm not about to sit here and pretend like my beauty routine is normal. In college, my RA found me in the communal dorm room bathroom with mashed avocado in my hair. Weird natural beauty products are my jam (especially ones that have rave reviews on Amazon), but before you raise an eyebrow at the fact that I whiten my teeth with what is essentially a pile of scorched bamboo ashes, let me explain why.

My first writing job was with a nutrition and holistic health company, and my boss required that I take certain classes before I could work with them. In these classes, I learned that skin isn't as solid as we'd like to think. Sure, it protects the inside of your body from the outside world, but it's also surprisingly porous, meaning that it absorbs most substances it comes in contact with. Basically, we're all a lot more like Spongebob than we'd like to admit, and that's when my chronic label reading habits began.

I then set a few rules for myself that I try to follow whenever I'm shopping for beauty products: aim for things with ingredients I might find in my pantry. If nothing else, make sure that everything on the label is at least pronounceable. My favorite place to find all of the aforementioned? Amazon, because the selection is huge, ingredients are often clearly listed, and reviewers spare no details about the products they're in love with.

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