Twitter Is Full Of Love For National Coming Out Day & These Tweets Will Warm Your Heart


One of the best parts about National Coming Out Day is all of the amazing stories that emerge about how people came out — and the huge amount of love and encouragement for those who still don't feel quite ready. The day is not about forcing anyone out of the closet or making people feel like they should have done it already. It's more a reminder about why coming out is significant.

"LGBTQ people have to first identify themselves privately in a world that continues to tell them that people like them are not welcome, are not equal, and then eventually try to work up the courage to announce themselves as being different," Nate Warden, founder of Coming Out, an open source platform for sharing stories about coming out, tells Bustle. "Events like Coming Out Day and Pride are crucial in making this process easier because they are times when the LGBTQ community becomes visible — not just an idea, but a literally mass of people in the streets, or a collection of voices to be heard. We set an example for those who have yet to find and love themselves."

And that's exactly what all of the love pouring out on social media today shows. There are so many tweets and memes telling those who want to come out, or those who haven't come out yet, that there is a massive, warm community there to accept them. Nobody is saying that anyone has to come out today. What the holiday is about is showing people that, when you do, we'll be here.

It's lovely to see so many people stepping up to share their support. Allies, people who are coming out today, people who came out ages ago — they're all sending a positive message to other folks in the LGBTQ community. Here are the some great tweets and memes — but make sure that you have a tissue ready.


This Rainbow Goddess

Sexy rainbow lips for the win.


A Reminder Why Coming Out Is Important

It's a political statement as well as a personal one.


A Pop Culture Shoutout

A good reminder that we need more visibility in film and TV.


An Important Point

This isn't a day about pressuring people to come out or shaming people who aren't able to — they deserve just as much love as everyone else.



I'm 99 percent sure this is scientifically true.


This Truth

Go out there and get it.


It's A Process

And there's no shame, no matter where you are in that process. That's up to you.


We've Got Your Back

If you're feeling vulnerable, remember there's an entire community behind you.


This Ellen Employee

I have no arguments with his characterization.


A Strong Argument

But to be honest, I support any argument that uses pie. I love pie.


The Bottom Line

Love is love is love is love.


Puppy Ally

Animals = allies. Have you ever met a homophobic puppy? No, no you have not.


Some Ally Direction

Even if you're not surprised, it's a big deal for the person coming out to you. Give someone coming out the respect they deserve.


This One For The Kids

Young people need our support too.


Our Greatest Ally

Thank you, Karen.


This Personal Story

"Live every day free from lies" sounds pretty damn worth it indeed.


What Coming Out Really Is

It's not just today. It's every day of your life — and we shouldn't forget that.


You Are Valid

Yup — whether you're out or not, you still matter. You are still important.


This Brave Soul

You go, Lindsey!


And This One

Well done!


These Awesome Allies

I have way too many feelings about this.


A Classic Combo



This Harsh Reality

Here's why it's so, so important.

Coming out is never going to be the same experience for everyone. It's individual — and you shouldn't ever feel the need to do it before you're ready. But whenever that moment is, this is just some of the love that's waiting for you. There's a community of accepting, open-minded, and giving people on the other side. So whether you're using this day as a jumping off point to come out or you still don't feel ready, that's OK. One day, it'll happen. And we'll be here.