23 Witty Food Puns To Use As Your Brunch Instagram Captions

The Instagram brunch game is competitive. No matter how strong you think your food pic is going to be, there's always a longer cheese pull or slower yolk drip photo just waiting to upstage yours. Just when you think you've snapped a picture that's #brunchgoals, someone else steps it up with #baegoals. So step up your brunchstagram by putting a little more thought into your captions on the app. Anyone can tell that it's brunch o'clock, but what your followers won't be expecting is an epic food pun. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good food pun is worth a thousand likes. Yes, the key to success here is a brunch Instagram caption that is a food pun. And not just any food pun — a funny one.

What's the difference between any old pun and a knee-slapping, guttural cackling, double-tapping pun, you ask? The latter includes an element of, well, witty surprise. It's a phrase you've heard, but with an unexpected twist that won't make you roll your eyes. You know, a caption that makes you do a double take. At first glance, it says "Take another piece of my heart now baby!" but at second glance, you realize it says "Take another pizza my heart now baby!" — which makes perfect sense, because the picture you've posted is a Boomerang of you pulling a piece of pizza from a pie, over and over again. Now that's a food pun, and that's the kind of level you're going to want to reach to step up your brunch Insta game.

Remember, a perfectly peppered piece of avocado toast is poignant, but it's small potatoes if it's not peared with a grape caption, like "I've hit guac bottom," or "Well, this is guacward." You will want to put together a pun that's going to make your followers engage. You want them to comment "holy crepe," give you the double tap, and then you want to make them so hungry and jelly of your brunch situation that they look up the geotag and show up at the same restaurant to order their own serving. There's no butter way to get more brunch buddies than to entice people on Instagram. It's a fact.

Want s'more food puns to use the next time you've got champagne in the membrane and you are bacon great brunch memories? Great, I've hand-selected some of my all-time favorite one-liners, so you donut have to. Happy snapping, and don't forget to a take a brunch of pictures so you have options. OK, omelette you take it from here:

"Off the beeten path." - Brittany Bennett

"Thyme is money." - Unknown

"You butter believe it." - Unknown

"Don't be melondramatic." - Brittany Bennett

"Cause I'm a crepe, I'm a weirdough, what the hell am I doughing here? I donut belong here." - Unknown

"I have fillings for you." - Merrily Grashin

"Life is just so chard." - Brittany Bennett

"Spice, spice baby." - Unknown

"I loaf bread." - Brittany Bennett

"Let's give them something to taco 'bout." - Unknown

"These vegetables are unbeetable!" - Brittany Bennett

"You wanna pizza me?" - Merrily Grashin

"Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey" - @talkingfood

"I'm all shuk up." - Brittany Bennett

"No Fry Zone." - Unknown

"Don't go bacon my heart." - Unknown

"You're my one and Negronly." - Merrily Grashin

"Eggscuse me?" - Unknown

"You had me at Merlot." - Merrily Grashin

"I wanna hold your ham." - @talkingfood

"Cheese us, Christ." - Merrily Grashin

"We're kind of a big dill." - Unknown

"I think olive you." - Unknown