23 Father's Day Gifts That'll Make It To Your Dad By Sunday

by Bustle UK

This year, Father's Day, just like every other national holiday in 2020, is going to look a little different from those you've celebrated before. Sadly, big family gatherings are out of the question, and hugs, kisses and gift giving may need to be done virtually – or from a two-metre distance.

If you're someone who can't see your dad (biological, chosen, or otherwise) in person this Father's Day, these gifts may be for you. Each one can be sent via post from their respective websites, and there's something for everyone, whether your dad is a coffee lover, a sports fan, a keen gardener, or a tech obsessive. And, of course, there are plenty of sock options for those who like to keep things traditional.

We're all pretty gutted that Father's Day has been disrupted this year, but picking a gift you know your dad will love is the next best thing to spending June 21 together. Keep reading to find a present that will make your dad smile this Sunday.

Contributions from Sophie McEvoy