23 Genius Gifts For Moms Who Say They Don't Want Anything


As much as we might love our moms and want to shower them with gifts on Mother's Day, buying gifts isn't always the easiest thing to do. Maybe you're the kind of person who can think of genius Mother's Day gifts — lucky you — but most of us are left picking up a generic wine bottle or coffee mug the day before. Most of the time, when you ask anyone what they want for a gift, you're met with a well-intentioned "you don't have to get me anything!" Moms are no different.

But for those of who need help choosing gifts for hard-to-please moms, shopping can be a lot more difficult. We have to think outside of the box. We have to make predictions about what our moms would love, even though they themselves don't know it yet.

Or maybe we just choose unique, cool gifts that will surprise our moms and let them know we're tuned into their wants and needs . Find the perfect gift on this list for your mom to make her think you're a mindreader— even the one who told you to "save your money" because she doesn't have a gift in mind.

The Gift Of Better, Healthier Water

Keep your mom healthy and glowing with this Infuser Water Bottle, which can be used to easily create travel-friendly, fruit-infused water drinks. You can even steep tea in there! The bottle is BPA-free and leak-proof and can be popped into the top rack of mom's dishwasher, plus this one comes with an e-book full of recipes.

A Fitness Tracker That Looks Like A Cute Accessory

For the mom who thinks most fitness bands are clunky, this activity tracker is both functional and fashionable. It'll track steps, give you data on sleep patterns, and monitor heart rate. This one also connects to an app, which will give your mom personalized guidance through its Smart Coach feature.

Flameless Candles That Change Color

These flameless candles are made from Paraffin Wax, so they look just like the real thing. However, unlike real candles, these guys come with a remote and a timer, so you can light them every day at the same time for as long as you like. They also change color to set the mood! One reviewer gifted these to her mother with great results: "Her whole life, Mom has always loved having candles around but has not been able to during the past 10 years or so. Because of this special, easy to operate, and SAFE candle set, she once again will be able to enjoy one of her most appreciated pleasures - Candle Light!"

A Beautiful Terrarium That Comes With A Crystal

Got a mom who loves filling her house with plants? She'll adore this glass terrarium, which stands seven inches tall and comes with its own air plant, reindeer moss, dried thistle flower, and ice rocks to create a beautiful environment without having to purchase anything extra! Best of all, this also comes with an amethyst crystal for really good vibes all around.

A Journal For Moms Who Are Planning Long Term Goals

If your mom has a lot of goals she wants to achieve this year, give her a planner calendar that will help her reach them! It will help them create a vision with yearly goals, stay on track with monthly goals, and set priorities with daily and weekly check-ins. It'll also help keep track of her schedule and appointments, too.

The 3-in-1 Styler That Will Replace All The Hair Tools

This hair tool will keep mom's bathroom a little more manageable, because it combines three products into one. This straightener, curler, and heated round brush will cover all the bases, it's made with crushed ceramic and tourmaline to keep hair healthy, and there's a travel pouch included in the set. One reviewer hit a home run when she gifted this to a mom: "As a mom with 4 kiddos running around, she needed something that was an all in one styling tool but that would last all day. She says this is it. She uses this in the morning, and after a day full of running the kids to and from their activities and practice (and even home schooling them), she still has body, volume and curl left in her hair. According to her, this has become her go to styling tool in the mornings."

A Massager She Can Bring Absolutely Anywhere

This pillow massager can be taken anywhere mom needs a moment to unleash some tension in the calf, neck, back, or abdomen area. It's heated, too! The attached strap can be put on nearly any chair — we're talking in the office, the car, or anywhere in the home. The massagers change direction every minute, so it'll mimic the real thing.

A Hands-Free Dog Leash To Make Walks A Breeze

When mom loves her pooch almost as much as you, this Mighty Paw Hands-Free Dog Leash is the gift that keeps giving. She can attach the leash to her waist and move about freely, which will eliminate unneeded stress on her back, arms, and neck. And she'll have the extra hands to, um, call you more.

A Modern Upgrade To The Classic Espresso Maker

If your mom swears by the classic stovetop espresso maker, upgrade her favorite with this electric version. Instead of waiting by the stove, you can plug this in anywhere for coffee that won't burn or boil over with the automatic shutoff feature. It'll stay warm for 30 minutes, and will taste identical to the stovetop version.

An Easy Way To Jump Start Yoga Aspirations

This yoga set includes everything the beginner needs to start doing at-home yoga, but it'll also please the yogi mom who hasn't bothered to replace her mat for a while. It comes with a mat made from specially designed memory foam to provide comfort, prevent slips, and features an integrated carry strap. It also includes two yoga blocks, a yoga mat towel, a hand towel, and a yoga strap. The towels are microfiber, the mat is cushioned enough for anyone with joint or knee pain, and there's a variety of colors to choose from.

The Caddy That Will Let Your Mom Drink Wine In The Bathtub

If you're always trying to get your multitasking mom to unwind, this bathtub caddy should help you do it. It's made from bamboo and adjusts to fit nearly any tub, but it's what it can fit that makes it truly special. There's a little space to put a glass of wine or a mug of tea, and it'll hold books, magazine, or a tablet for some light bathroom emails. It'll support heavier objects, too, and is also big enough to place some candles on as well.

This Compact And Convenient Skillet

It takes a lot to get the average person excited about a skillet — but this Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet is so much more than just another pan. This skillet has an heavy cast aluminum base, a built-in spout for pouring liquids in or out, and folds up so that it takes up practically no room in the kitchen. "This skillet seems to have no 'cold spots' or overly hot spots," one reviewer writes. The spoon rest cutaway in the corner makes a nice vent for the pan when cooking, and easy pouring for liquids in the skillet. Cleanup was a fast and easy. If you are looking for a skillet that has fast, even heating, easy cleanup and a compact footprint in a cupboard, this is definitely one to consider!"

A Luxury Wine Opener For The Mom Who Loves Chardonnay

If your mom always has a nice bottle of pinot noir in her house, this wine opener will add some luxury, all while the bottle opening that much faster. It's gold finish, plated zinc alloy material, and durable design all make this a great choice for wine lovers — and it comes with an extra corkscrew worm and a foil cutter.

The Perfect Pillow For Reading In Bed

When one pillow is never enough and two pillows is a little too much, this foam bed wedge pillow steps in to provide the perfect head support for reading in bed. It can also be used as a laptop rest, or under the legs to relieve pain when sleeping.

A Digital Photo Frame With A Motion Sensor

This photo frame is perfect for the mom who takes too many photos from her phone during any family event. Fill up a flash drive with all those great pictures, and this will display them. It's also got a motion sensor so it'll turn on whenever someone enters the room, and also has a clock and calendar function. Hot Tip: if your mom is bad with technology, get a flash drive and fill it up as part of the gift.

The LED Mirror For Perfect Makeup Application Every Time

This vanity mirror has LED lights so makeup application will be a lot easier anywhere — it's portable, so it's perfect for travel! The additional magnifying mirror attached can be moved up or down, for a great view of whatever needs a closer look. There's a storage tray for tweezers, mascara, or whatever else you want to put in there, and the whole vanity can be adjusted up and down.

Deliciously Decadent Bath Bombs For Some Next-Level Pampering

All moms deserve a bit of luxury in their lives and this collection of best-selling bath bombs delivers. This set contains eight natural, organic bath bombs that come in a variety of scents and experiences like lavender and vanilla, aloe and green cloves, and cotton candy, lemon, and caramel.

The Necklace That's Also An Essential Oil Diffuser

For the mom that loves aromatherapy and essential oils, this diffuser necklace allows them to carry and customize the experience anywhere. The nine reusable pads can be dipped or dropped or spritzed with any oils, and the scent will last all day! The necklace itself is made from hypoallergenic, surgical grade stainless steel.

This Heated Aromatherapy Neck Wrap And Eye Mask

This aromatherapy herbal neck wrap is filled with a blend of 12 herbs and organic flax seed, made with 100 percent cotton, and can be microwaved to provide a heated muscle cramp relieving treatment. It also comes with a French lavender eye pillow and a sleep mask, so mom will truly feel like royalty.

An Eco-Friendly Baking Liner For Moms Who Love The Environment And Cookies

For the mom who loves to bake and wants to help save the environment, this Sil-Eco Non-Stock Silicone Baking Liner eliminates the need to use parchment paper. It's made from silicone which bio-degrades easier than plastic, and it's versatile — it can withstand temperatures that range from -40 degrees to 500 degrees, and turns any pan into a non-stick one that requires absolutely no grease or oil.

The Perfect Gift To Pamper A New Mom

Know somebody who just became a new mom? For their first Mother's Day, gift them a New Mama Natural Gift Box, which contains an all-purpose salve, postpartum organic herbal tea, a baby salve for diaper rashes, a stainless steel tea infuser ball, and two natural lip balms. Reviewers love it: "Salves are soothing and perfect for delicate baby skin and the tea is calming and fantastic for nurturing new moms.I also use the salves for myself and I have VERY sensitive skin. I have tried almost every moisturizer on the market and these are the best, no doubt about it!"

The Credit Card Protector Perfect For Moms Who Travel

If your mom travels a lot, protect her assets with this cute sleeve set — it'll protect all credit cards and documents from RFID scanning, so they'll never get their credit cards compromised on their vacation. It also comes with a sleeve for your passport. If your mom is always looking for extra peace of mind, or is a particularly nervous traveler, they'll appreciate the gift.

An Embosser For Chic, Personalized Stationary

You already know your mom is the boss, and this personal embosser will remind the rest of the world of that fact by giving her the power to mark book pages, envelopes, stationary, invitations and more with her name or signature. If she's the type who loves sending personalized holiday cards, thank you notes, or invitations, this will be just the gift for her.

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