23 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes To Watch If You Ship Luke & Lorelai

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If you consider yourself a Stars Hollow fanatic, then it's time to talk about Luke & Lorelai's best Gilmore Girls episodes. They are definitely the "it" couple of the series and they had so many romantic moments throughout the seven seasons. Since the very first episode, there was never any doubt that the two would end up together. They encountered many rough moments along the way, but Luke and Lorelai managed to find their way back to one another in the end. If you always rooted for them, then it's time to discuss the 23 Gilmore Girls episodes to watch if you ship Luke & Lorelai.

On many occasions Luke and Lorelai would be seen arguing about coffee, junk food, or cell phone usage, but deep down they always cared about one another. The best part about their relationship, whether it was romantic or just platonic, they simply just wanted the best for each other. Like Luke once gushed to Lorelai, "It's like, it's not even real to me, it's like my life isn't even real to me unless you're there and you're in it and I'm sharing it with you. And, uh... I don't know what I was waiting for and I don't know what I was scared of, but I'm not, I'm not scared and I'm not waiting, I'm here."

Despite Luke uttering the above right before Lorelai told him she slept with Christopher at the end of Season 6, the quote just goes to show you how strong their connection was throughout the entire dramedy. And with that, let's get to the episodes you definitely should watch if you can't get enough of Luke and Lorelai.

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