23 Reasons Erika Jayne Is The Best Real Housewife

by Marenah Dobin

Not all of the Real Housewives are created equally. Not everyone is cut out for this life, which is why there have been so many cast shakeups over the years that the Real Housewives franchise has existed. With that said, there are some indisputably amazing cast members like my girl Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There are plenty of reasons why Erika Jayne is actually the best Real Housewife.

Yes, I know that I'm making a pretty lofty claim since there are so many cast members within the multiple cities of this franchise. Plus, the current RHOBH season is only Erika's second on the show, but when you've got it, you've got it. There's no doubt that Erika was meant for the Real Housewife life.

Erika really strikes the perfect balance when it comes to being both an outrageous character and a logical human being. She is always dressed to the nines, yet she comes across as the most accessible Housewife. She can hold her own in an argument without ever losing her cool. And Erika is beyond quotable. I have no idea if she comes up with her lines in the moment or if they're predetermined, but it seems like Erika always knows just what to say.

These are just some of the reasons why Erika is the best Housewife of them all.

1. She Has An Alter Ego

Erika became an instant icon when she revealed that she is Erika Girardi during the day and Erika Jayne when she hits the stage. I'll never get over this.

2. She Keeps Calm In An Argument

No matter what the cast members throw her way, Erika always manages to keep her cool and come back at them with the most perfect response. This woman is always poised under pressure.

3. She Is Always Quotable

Erika really does say the darnedest things. Thank god she is there for some comic relief every episode. Almost everything that comes out of her mouth instantly turned into a gif or meme.

4. She Travels With A Glam Squad

I feel like a queen when the employees at Sephora help me pick out the right concealer shade, so I can't even imagine what it's like for Erika to get her makeup done every day no matter where she is.

5. She Has Two Private Planes

Do any of the other Housewives have their own planes? Not that we know of. And Erika actually has two private planes, so clearly she's in a league of her own.

6. She Throws Over-The-Top Events

I feel like the the true mark of a Housewife that actually is fabulous instead of one who is merely pretending is the events she puts on. A fabulous Housewife throws multiple events that are over-the-top and the posers throw no events or when they do they're just average. Erika Jayne had shirtless dancers at her "casual barbecue" and a light up dance floor on her pool at her Studio 54 party. She knows what she's doing.

7. She Has A Signature Dance Move

It doesn't get more iconic than that.

8. She Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Erika has no limits when it comes to what she will talk about on this show, but no matter the topic she'll still choose her words pretty carefully.

9. She Stands Up For Herself & Others

I have no idea why anyone would come for Erika, but she completely owned Dorit Kemsley when she started that pantygate drama. Not only that, but she had Yolanda Foster's back all season when the ladies questioned her Lyme Disease, and this year, she told Lisa Rinna to own up to what she said about Kim Richards during the cast's trip to Mexico.

10. She Isn't Defined By What People Think Of Her

Erika doesn't worry about what other people think of her. She just keeps on being Erika.

11. She Doesn't Start Drama For No Reason

Unlike some Housewives, who will remain nameless, Erika does not start drama for the sake of having a story line. Erika keeps it 100. Always.

12. She's Always Ready To Turn Up

Nobody likes a boring Housewife. Erika is always down to party and it's always entertaining.

13. She Has The Best Reaction Faces

Every time something interesting goes down on the show, Erika makes a face that shows that she is thinking the same thing that we all are. She gets it.

14. She Has An Appreciation For Fashion

Erika is always dressed fabulously. And by now we are all aware that Erika would never disrupt the design of an outfit by wearing undies.

15. She Is Outrageous

Erika can be described as "excessive" in the best possible way.

16. She's Always Ready For Her Closeup

I don't blame Erika for having photo shoots wherever she goes. I mean she has a glam squad and a top of the line wardrobe, so why not show it all off?

17. She Rocks A Catsuit On A Semi-Regular Basis

Erika is a queen. End of story.

18. She Has The Budget That We All Dream Of

There's part of me that watches reality TV because I want to see people that I can relate to, but when it comes to Real Housewives, I love to watch women living out lifestyles I could never dream of.

19. She Doesn't Sweat The Small Stuff

Unlike some of her fellow cast members, who seem to get off on dragging out the same slightly offensive incident for an entire season (or more), Erika does not get easily offended and it's very refreshing to watch.

20. She Sees Right Through The BS

Erika is outrageous, but she keeps it real, and she has no qualms calling out anyone else who doesn't.

21. She Is A Regular Person When It Comes Down To It

I can't exactly relate to Erika's private jets, performance alter ego, or glam squad, but when she complains about something like wanting a burrito, I so get her. And I love how she isn't jaded or stuck up just because she's extremely wealthy.

22. She's Not Sorry For Being Herself


Yes, Erika can own it when she makes a mistake, but other than that, she has no apologies when people have an issue with her just being herself.

23. She's Just The Best

Enough said.

Erika may be new to the Real Housewives world, but she's been living this lifestyle forever and she's doing it better than everyone else.