23 Things On Amazon You'll Love If You're Bougie AF

There’s no shame in being bougie — everyone deserves to taste the finer things in life. Fortunately, there are some plush things on Amazon you’ll love if you’re bougie AF. Maybe you consider yourself to have a modest level of bougieness, or proudly fancy yourself on the other end of the bougie spectrum — surpassing even the beloved Hilary Banks’ bougiest moments of all time — but whatever level you’re at, don’t change. Instead, just shop your frickin’ heart out to ensure all your fancy dreams come true.

Best of all, you don’t need to be raking in Kardashian royalties to apply some bougie products to your everyday life. In fact, these bougie AF items on Amazon are totally affordable — but they’re still so fancy, you may find yourself living the fabulous life with your checking account intact. Mostly, it’s good to remember that extravagance is a state of mind. If being iced out in bling is out of your price range then guess what? You can pamper yourself with a 24k gold body scrub. And if you can’t get a fancy cappuccino Monday through Friday, try a milk frother to do it at home.

These products may not have a designer label, but they are designed to spoil you, prioritize you, and help you be your best shamelessly bougie self.

1A 24K Gold Body Scrub To Bling Bling In The Shower

Majestic Pure 24k Gold Body and Facial Scrub


Well, nothing quite says bougie AF like a 24K gold body scrub. This body scrub isn’t just for getting fancy, though — it’s formulated to fully nourish and repair damaged skin. The gold not only gives dull complexions a boost of radiance but also regenerates new skin cells. This is a multi-purpose scrub that you can use to exfoliate your body or slough off dead skin cells on your face. The formula is gentle, with a list of safe, natural ingredients that can be used on all skin types. This is an all-around amazing scrub to keep your skin glowing.

2A Seven-Drawer Organizer That Can Hold All Of Your Cosmetics And Accessories

Intriom Acrylic Makeup and Cosmetic Storage Organizer


Say goodbye to clutter by arranging your makeup and skin care products in this seven-drawer cosmetic storage organizer. This is a great option for folks that don’t have a vanity on top of their dresser because it comes with a removable mirror — no more carrying your supplies to the bathroom anymore. Each of the seven drawers has mesh padding, to protect your goods and keep them from sliding around.

3An Automatic Milk Frother To Make Fancy Coffee At Home

Chef’s Star MF-2 Premier Automatic Milk Frother


Whether you’ve invested in a lavish espresso machine or not, this automatic milk frother gives you the same thick foam you’ve likely grown accustomed to at fancy coffee shops (that run you well over five dollars a pop) — and you don’t even have to leave your house to get it. With this frother, you can make hot or cold milk froth to add to coffee or cold brew. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel, and the carafe detaches from the base of the frother for easy pouring. It makes hot, airy foam, denser foam, and even cold foam.

4A Satin Pillowcase For You To Keep Your Hair Did

Sweet Dreams Luxury Satin Pillowcase For Hair


This satin pillowcase will add a little luxury to bedtime: while you catch up on your beauty sleep, the satin material ensures hair won't knot or tangle while you sleep, and keeps skin from getting those pillow marks at night. It's also great for sleeping in top buns, braids, and twists. Since satin blends are great for retaining moisture in dry textures and these pillowcases have a 300 thread-count of silky soft polyester satin, this is a great bed accessory to have on hand — especially for those nights when you have a guest and want to ditch the durag for the night. This pillowcase is available in twenty-four different color varieties and available in standard, queen, and king sizes.

5This Laptop Tray That Makes You Feel Like A Boss When You Work From Bed

Laptop Desk Adjustable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray


Weather you’re eating breakfast while you stream your favorite series or you’re catching up with work over a glass of wine, this laptop tray will keep you comfortable while you lounge in bed with your computer. You don’t have to choose between coffee and your computer either, this tray has tilting angles and a cup groove for you to safely place a beverage next to your machinery. It also has a little drawer to store pen and knick-knacks as well as a vented top to prevent your computer from overheating. With a desk by your bed, don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself working from home more often.

6An Essential Oil Diffuser For Non-Stop Wellness

URPOWER Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser


With this trusty diffuser made with real bamboo, you can fill up any room with pure, unadulterated essential oils. The diffuser comes with two modes; a continuous mist or bursts of 30-second intervals. However you choose to receive the essential oils, this diffuser will pamper you with wellness. It comes with seven color-changing LED lights and an auto shut-off function that powers down when the water is gone. Since this device is super quiet, it’s wonderful for blending a nightly aroma to lull you to sleep.

7A Toilet Spray For On-The-Go Moves

Poo-Pourri “Before you go” Toilet Spray Citrus Scent


Everyone may poop, but everyone doesn’t have to know about it: with this toilet bowl spray, you can make sure you keep your pooping private even when you’re in public. It’s formulated to stop odors before they ever begin, plus it comes in a convenient 2-ounce bottle to keep with you in your purse or desk — and Poo-pouri is made with natural essential oils like bergamot and lemongrass that won't hurt septic systems.

8A Jade Roller That Has Been A Skin Care Staple For Empresses For Centuries

LEOSENSE Jade Roller For Face


You can get the benefits of a spa-like stone facial in the comfort of your home with this beautiful jade roller. It has a double-head roller with a smooth finish that — when used correctly to massage your face — can supposedly improve circulation and elasticity of the skin. This is an excellent natural remedy for puffy eyes and promoting a vibrant complexion. Jade has been used for centuries due to its healing, protective properties which means it’s a must-have for anyone looking to bougie-up their skin care routine.

9A Cushy Travel Throne For Your Bougie Butt

TravelMate Extra Large Travel Seat Cushion


Travel with a comfy throne for your bougie booty with this seat cushion. It’s the perfect combination of firmness and softness that you won’t find on the subway or in an airplane. Made with memory foam and furniture-grade foam, the cushion breaks in quickly to conform to your body and disperse pressure. There’s no need to worry about your butt going numb after hours of sitting with the high-quality silicone coated cover. It’s an excellent travel companion that will ensure you’re getting all the support you need whether you’re sitting at a desk or in first class.

10These Aloe Vera Treated Sheets That Are Pretty Much The Bougiest Sheets You Can Buy

Bed Sheets With Pure Aloe Vera Treatment


The only thing bougier than a high thread count (which these sheets also have), is getting your beauty rest laying in sheets treated with 100 percent natural aloe vera. Unlike traditional cotton which absorbs moisture, these microfiber sheets can help you retain the natural moisture of your skin. According to Amazon reviewers, these sheets are amazingly soft. The four piece set comes with a fitted sheet, two pillowcases, and a flat sheet and each is hypoallergenic to support healthy, glowing skin. The best part about these sheets is all you have to do is lay down to experience the benefits.

11Foot Detox Pads To Pamper Yourself While You Sleep

Dr. Entre's Foot Pads


These bamboo foot pads are amazing for anyone looking for a natural detox. By activating red blood cells they supposedly stimulate the feet, improve circulation, and even eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Made with natural bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, healing vitamin E, bamboo charcoal, and peppermint to stimulate the nervous system, these foot pads can make waking up easy by alleviating aches and pains. It comes in a pack of 30 vacuum sealed pads to provide several nights of relaxation and relief.

12An Ultra Soft Luxury Throw Blanket No One Will Guess Only Cost 20 Bucks

Northpoint Cashmere Velvet Reverse To Cloud Serpa Throw


Curl up with this luxurious throw blanket for instant warmth. Reversible with soft velvet on one side and lambswool sherpa fleece on the other, this super soft blanket has loyal Amazon reviewers in love with the plush comfort. Despite its high-end look and feel, when it comes to taking care of it, it's low-maintenance — just throw it in the wash. With five colors to choose from, this is a great blanket to have on hand in the winter months.

13A Toner To Make Your Skin Feel And Smell Like Roses

Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera


This cult-favorite toner is a staple in the beauty cabinets of beauty editors, celebrities, and Prime-a-holics alike (just check out the 2,000 positive reviews on its Amazon page if you don't believe us). Ultra-gentle and safe for all skin types, this blend of rose petal water, aloe vera, and witch hazel is a purifying last step to incorporate into your cleansing process, as it'll leave the skin completely clean and prepped for moisturizer. It smells amazing and is super soothing, too.

14A Plant Collagen Eye Mask With Hyaluronic Acid

LA PURE Plant Collagen Eye Treatment Mask (15 Pairs)


This plant collagen eye treatment mask is the best way to pamper that sensitive under eye area. The plant collagen will moisturize and hydrate your skin, restore elasticity, and stimulate and regenerate skin cells. The treatment also consists of hyaluronic acid for hydrating tired eyes, as well as grape seed and rose seed extract which contain substantial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This set comes with fifteen eye treatments, so whether it’s Netflix, work, or partying that keeps you up late, you’ll always have a remedy on hand.

15A Crystal Stone For Keeping Your Pits Fresh AF

Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal


TBH, you don’t have to be bougie to be too good for aluminum-based deodorants, but having a natural deodorant stone to keep body odor at bay is a luxury. This crystal stone is hypoallergenic, so it’s an excellent choice for folks that find natural deodorants with baking soda or charcoal too harsh for their sensitive pits. Some perks of owning this magic crystal are that it’s unscented, non-staining, and actually works to eliminate odor all day long. This stone will cost you a whopping six bucks and last you nearly forever.

16A Cleansing Conditioner That Keeps Hair Clean And Vibrant Between Shampoos

As I Am, Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner


This cleansing conditioner is a lovely way to treat your hair without the harmful ingredients of traditional shampoo. Though this co-wash won’t work up a lather, it will certainly work just as hard to remove oil buildup and product buildup without taking away the natural moisture from your scalp. In fact, this co-wash is filled with nourishing oils to add and retain moisture until your next cleanse. Formulated with tangerine, coconut oil, castor oil, and saw palmetto, this is a lovely treatment to use in between shampoos to keep your hair looking vibrant and clean. It’s safe enough for color-treated, processed, and most textures to experience the reason why co-washes are literally the best invention ever.

17A Set Of 100-Percent Cotton Masks With Pearl Extract

Mothermade Brightening Pure Pearl Facial Mask


Even though there’s nothing wrong with having dark spots from acne scars or under-eye circles, this brightening sheet mask can help even out complexions while hydrating the skin. The sheet mask is made from cotton to prevent irritation which is great for folks with sensitive skin. Formulated with pearl extract, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, it’s rich in amino acids and minerals that promote vitality and long-lasting moisture.

18This Microwavable Shoulder Wrap With Essential Oils

DreamTime Spa Comforts Microwavable Shoulder Wrap With Aromatherapy


Blended with calming lavender and stimulating peppermint, this shoulder wrap eases tension naturally. Both essential oils are wonderful for easing pain while delivering a pleasing aroma. Commonly used in spas, this wrap is weighted down with rice grains to provide pressure that alleviates muscle tension by stimulating circulation. You can use it for hot or cold therapy while you work, watch TV, or even fall asleep. Reviewers on Amazon claim this wrap has helped with pinched nerves, neck and shoulder pain.

19A Bracelet That Makes Your Hair Tie Look Like An Accessory

Athleisure by Maria Shireen Hair Tie Bracelet


Made from a durable, lightweight aluminum, this bracelet is designed to hold a hair tie inside which means you won’t need to worry about your trusty hair tie ruining the aesthetic of your outfit or painfully digging into your wrist. Great for layered bangles and cuffs, this is a truly functional piece of jewelry that’s as durable as it is affordable. And with a silver ionized finish, it looks great with practically any type of outfit.

20A Lace-Trimmed Robe — Because You're Chic Even When You're Chillin'

Mae Women's Bell Sleeve Robe


Wrap yourself in this incredibly soft robe that has loyal Amazon reviewers feeling both warm and sexy. It comes with four different colors and offers sizes small to extra large. Each robe comes with two side pockets and an adjustable self-tie belt. Designed with a jersey spandex blend and elegant lace trim on the hems and cuffs, this is a great robe to step into on a crisp morning.

21A Cordless Heat Cap For Deep Conditioning Anywhere

Tifara Beauty Cordless Conditioning Heat Cap


Keeping up with weekly deep conditioning treatments can be hard when you’re living the fabulous life, but with this conditioning heat cap, you no longer have to sacrifice your hair or your time. The cordless design lets you condition on the move: finish folding your laundry, make dinner, paint your nails, and yes, even walk to the corner store. These heat caps are legit one of the best hair inventions; the heat technology seals in any treatment while it relaxes hair follicles. This cap doesn’t need batteries or an outlet to power up, and the heat can be activated by placing it in the microwave and then placing it on your fully conditioned head.

22A Phone Grip Stand For Easy Texting

PopSockets Stand For Smartphones and Tablets


A PopSocket is a phone or tablet grip, allowing you to securely hold a device while you text, chat, or shop. It's also a phone stand, and help you take better selfies. They adhere to any device without damaging it, and makes it less likely you’ll drop your expensive equipment. You can pop them on and off easily, and since they’re small, you can keep them with you to ensure you always have the perfect grip. This one is a particular fancy shade of opal.

23A Facial Steamer For An At Home Spa Treatment

K-Skin Facial Steamer Superfine Hot Mist


If you’ve been dreaming of getting to the steam room to open up your pores, this lovely facial steamer will take you there without leaving the house. It generates nano-sized steam particles that penetrate deeply and hydrate the skin. This is a great steamer to use before you apply a facial treatment because it gently opens the pores, allowing the ingredients to be more effective and allows your pores to be fully cleaned out. Loyal Amazon reviewers are loving how amazing the mist feels so much they’re having their own mini-spa facials in the comfort of their own home.

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