23 Things On Amazon You'll Love If You're Bougie AF

There’s no shame in being bougie — everyone deserves to taste the finer things in life. Fortunately, there are some plush things on Amazon you’ll love if you’re bougie AF. Maybe you consider yourself to have a modest level of bougieness, or proudly fancy yourself on the other end of the bougie spectrum — surpassing even the beloved Hilary Banks’ bougiest moments of all time — but whatever level you’re at, don’t change. Instead, just shop your frickin’ heart out to ensure all your fancy dreams come true.

Best of all, you don’t need to be raking in Kardashian royalties to apply some bougie products to your everyday life. In fact, these bougie AF items on Amazon are totally affordable — but they’re still so fancy, you may find yourself living the fabulous life with your checking account intact. Mostly, it’s good to remember that extravagance is a state of mind. If being iced out in bling is out of your price range then guess what? You can pamper yourself with a 24k gold body scrub. And if you can’t get a fancy cappuccino Monday through Friday, try a milk frother to do it at home.

These products may not have a designer label, but they are designed to spoil you, prioritize you, and help you be your best shamelessly bougie self.

1. A 24K Gold Body Scrub To Bling Bling In The Shower

2. A Seven-Drawer Organizer That Can Hold All Of Your Cosmetics And Accessories

3. An Automatic Milk Frother To Make Fancy Coffee At Home

4. A Satin Pillowcase For You To Keep Your Hair Did

5. This Laptop Tray That Makes You Feel Like A Boss When You Work From Bed

6. An Essential Oil Diffuser For Non-Stop Wellness

8. A Jade Roller That Has Been A Skin Care Staple For Empresses For Centuries

9. A Cushy Travel Throne For Your Bougie Butt

10. These Aloe Vera Treated Sheets That Are Pretty Much The Bougiest Sheets You Can Buy

11. Foot Detox Pads To Pamper Yourself While You Sleep

12. An Ultra Soft Luxury Throw Blanket No One Will Guess Only Cost 20 Bucks

13. A Toner To Make Your Skin Feel And Smell Like Roses

15. A Crystal Stone For Keeping Your Pits Fresh AF

16. A Cleansing Conditioner That Keeps Hair Clean And Vibrant Between Shampoos

17. A Set Of 100-Percent Cotton Masks With Pearl Extract

18. This Microwavable Shoulder Wrap With Essential Oils

19. A Bracelet That Makes Your Hair Tie Look Like An Accessory

20. A Lace-Trimmed Robe — Because You're Chic Even When You're Chillin'

21. A Cordless Heat Cap For Deep Conditioning Anywhere

22. A Phone Grip Stand For Easy Texting

23. A Facial Steamer For An At Home Spa Treatment

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