Unique Gifts To Get Your Dad For Father's Day

by Kiersten Hickman

I’m sure by this point in life you are exhausted of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You have brainstormed clever gifts for years, and as Father’s Day approaches, you are coming to a dry well. No more clever ideas for Dad — so you end up succumbing to a gift card inside whatever corny Father’s Day card you could find. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but that will not be this year! With these unique Father’s Day gift ideas, you will yet again win at the Father’s Day gift giving game against your siblings.

Now first, what does your dad like? Is he a runner? Loves nights out on the deck? Enjoys a great new pair of shoes (or even just a shoe shining)? How about a fresh new look? Or maybe he’s a fan of corny gifts? Whatever he likes, I got the perfect gift for him. All you have to do is apply his personality, and you will find a unique gift that you probably never thought of before for your Dad!

The second thing to think about before getting him a gift is convenience. Is your dad the convenient type, or the splurging time? If he’s all about convenience, then a bluetooth speaker or an e-reader would make sense for his personality. Splurger? Than the telescope will look great in his at-home office.

Whatever your dad’s personality may be, the perfect Father's Day gift for him is probably here!

Waterproof Sport Earbuds

Altec Lansing Waterproof Sport Earbuds, $30, Amazon

Is your Dad a runner? Than he’s going to love having a new pair of waterproof sport earbuds. You know, because sweat and stuff.

Desktop Pool

Mini Table Top Pool Table, $23, Amazon

No space for that big pool table your dad's been dreaming of forever? This will surely help him with his pool-game itch!

Prescott Malt Shoes

Prescott Malt, $295, Ariat

Looking to splurge on Dad this Father’s Day? A new slick pair of shoes like these will certainly make him feel loved! Oh, and a great excuse to get rid of those dad shoes once and for all.

Shoe Shine Kit

Shoe Shine Kit, $20, Cottonon

To shine up those new shoes you just got him, get dad a shoe shine kit so he’s always looking fresh!

Papa Bear Mug

Papa Bear Anytime Mug, $7, Cottonon

If your Dad’s nickname has always been “papa bear,” than this is seriously a perfect gift for him on Father’s Day.

Mirrorcake Sunglasses

Mirrorcake Sunglasses, $275, Westward Leaning

Another splurge gift for Dad that you can certainly get your brothers or sisters to Venmo you for and split.

Pillow Of Health

2 Standard Pillows, $148, Pillow of Health

Is your dad always complaining about his terrible sleep and aching back? Then maybe a new pillow that will improve his sleep would be a smart (and very unique) gift to get him this Father’s Day.

“Grandpa is Grillin’” Apron

“Grandpa is Grillin’” Apron, $19, Amazon

Great for your grandfather that loves to grill. Or, if you’re waiting for Father’s Day to tell your dad about a new little bun in the oven, this is the perfect way to make the announcement!

Chef’s Knife

KUTT Chef’s Knife, $36, Amazon

Does Dad love cooking? Treat him to a new chef’s knife to make chopping all those veggies to grill a more exciting experience for him.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill, $87, Amazon

That’s right — a grill meant for inside and outside! Even if Dad already has a grill for outside during the summertime, he’s going to love the chance to grill all year long with this.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, $38, Amazon

Would you say your Dad is a coffee connoisseur? Than he is going to love having a cold brew maker to add to his collection of coffee gadgets at home.


Kindle, $80- $290, Amazon

If your dad loves to read books on the beach during the summertime, then save the weight in his suitcase when he’s on vacation with a new Kindle to upload his favorite reads!

Pillow Massager

Pillow Massager, $29, Amazon

If your Dad is always asking for a back rub, than he’s going to love this little gadget. He can place this pillow massager behind a pillow, on his desk chair, or even on the car seat, for a great massage all day long.


Telescope, $136, Amazon

Looking for something super unique for Father’s Day that your siblings certainly haven’t thought of yet? Get dad a telescope so he can nerd out about space like he’s always wanted to!

Sonos Wireless Speaker

Sonos Wireless Speaker, $199, Amazon

Is it time for a music system upgrade at home? Then give dad the music speaker that he deserves, like this wireless Sonos speaker.

World’s Greatest Dad Movie

World’s Greatest Dad Movie, $10, Amazon

Because what better way to learn about fatherhood than watching Robin Williams?

Galaxy’s Best Dad T-Shirt

Galaxy’s Best Dad T-Shirt, $10, Target

I’m pretty sure if your Dad still talks about that time he went to see Star Wars for the first time, and how much other geeky details he knows about the galaxy far-far away, then he may just need this t-shirt.

Fire Pit

Fire Pit With Arrow Cutouts From Threshold, $80, Target

Make building a fire in the backyard an easier and way more pleasant experience with one of these fire pits, perfect for on the lawn or the deck!

Flippin’ Love You Spatula

Flippin’ Love You Spatula, $20, Etsy

For the grilling dad (who needs a new spatula with that new George Foreman), this is the perfect gift that can come from the whole family.

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug, $14, Etsy

Although you may think your dad’s jokes will get better with age, they’re just not. So help him out a little.

Papasaurus T-Shirt

Papasaurus T-Shirt, $15, Etsy

Another classic nickname shirt for the dad who can’t just be “Dad,” but “Papasaurus.”

Ice Cream Killer Spoon

Ice Cream Killer Spoon, $7, Etsy

Shoutout to all of the dads out there who had to finish half-eaten, melting ice cream for kids who just couldn’t finish them.

Wooden Alcohol Dispenser

This is just insanely cool.