23 People On Reddit Reveal The "Socially Unacceptable" Things They Do With Their Partner

Ashley Batz for Bustle

When the term "nuclear family" was first formed in 1947, a series of gender norms and sexist societal stereotypes were introduced along with it. At the time, it might have seemed easier to comply with these social conventions, rather than fight against the tide of American politics. But over the past 70 years, society has transformed dramatically, and more couples are breaking these imposed, yet unspoken rules, simply because it makes them happier to do so.

My family has never been one for following societal norms. One of three daughters, my mother was insistent on keeping her last name, rather than following tradition and taking her husband's. Additionally, my parents keep separate bank accounts, instead of just combining them, and share living costs. While some might find these small differences both shocking and daring, for me they seem totally normal as they've worked for my family for decades.

Every couple is different, and should feel free to make decisions and act according to their own boundaries, instead of what is generally seen as 'socially acceptable'. What might seem like a major risk to one couple, can feel completely norm-core to another.

As long as you're both comfortable with what you're doing, societal norms were meant to be broken. Luckily, an AskRedidit thread recently posed the question, "Ladies, what are some societal norms you and your SO break because it makes both of you happy?" and hundreds of women had a lot to say. Take a look below. Perhaps their risky business will inspire you to pursue some benchmark breaking of your own!


Skipping Special Holidays

Why put so much pressure to make one day seem perfect? This couple focuses on the day-to-day instead.


Still Sleeping Separately

Sometimes, maintaining your own space is necessary to keep the romance alive.


Saying 'I Love You' Too Much


Just because you say it all the time, doesn't necessarily suggest that you mean it any less.


Living A Life On The Road

Some people find life on the road to be exciting, not unstable.


Traveling Together Instead of Settling Down

Living out of a suitcase can be liberating, with your partner by your side.


Tucking Each Other In Every Night

D'awww. Hard to go to bed angry when you've been tucked in.


Switching Traditional Parenting Gender Roles

Being a full time parent is never an easy job.


Sitting On The Same Side Of The Table

Not only can you two link arms, but you can also people watch together!


Learning Self-Defense Together

This sounds like S.O. Fight Club — As long as it stays safe.


Living Separately In a Long-Term Relationship

They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder!


Keeping Your Stuff Separate

OK, is this a euphemism?


Taking On Household Activities That Contradict Gender Roles

My Dad is a way better cook than my mom. And I love a woman that's handy with a nail gun.


Skipping Wedding Rings

Think how much money they're saving!


Being Consensually Non-Monogamous

What's do the triads look like though? Can you draw me a chart?


Not Going Out Together

Hey, I get it — everybody needs their space.


Skipping Together In Public

Doesn't skipping make everyone happy? We should all skip more.


Keeping Blankets Separate

This actually makes a lot of sense. Think how much warmer you'd be if you didn't have to wrestle for the covers?


Switching Gender Roles When It Comes To Last Names

I love my last name! I wouldn't want to give it up.


Maintaining A Three-Way Relationship

OK, but how big is this bed? I have so many questions, but no judgement!


Skipping Out On Social Media

Remember, happy on Facebook doesn't translate to Happy in Real Life.


Partner Mani-Pedi's

I would love to paint my partner's nails, but would love help painting my right hand even more — it always shakes!


Alternative Super Bowl Plans

TBH, this sounds way better than watching the Super Bowl. Mind if I copy?


Helping Each Other Out With Hair Removal

Look, I love my partner, but i'd only trust my brows with a professional.


Societal rules might work for some, but you should never feel confined within your relationship! Experiment, explore, and do whatever sits right with you. Just remember to communicate with your partner first, before taking any major risks.