23 Weird But Genius Bras & Underwear You Won’t Believe People Are Buying On Amazon

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I have a love-hate relationship with bras and underwear, and I really think it's because I just can't seem to find many that are comfortable. The struggle to be comfy in my undergarments spurred my curiosity about which bras and underwear people are buying on Amazon. I figured maybe they know something that I don't when it comes to feeling comfortable and supported.

As a frequent traveller, I wind up sitting through plenty of long plane and bus rides, which means that I'm always looking for bras that don't feel like they're poking me in the ribcage, but still give me the lift that I need. So, when I find a truly comfortable bra that does its job and fits correctly, I usually buy more than one!

And then there's underwear. Same story here. When I find a pair I like, I'll buy like five. Because I'm constantly traveling and, consequently, doing laundry in random places, a lot of pairs end up worn out and tossed in the garbage. Right now, I want to stock on some better quality pairs that don't seem so disposable.

I was really surprised by all of the unexpected and ultra practical bras and underwear on Amazon. And, they have so many options that I feel like I can actually trust the reviews — enough to give these styles a try!

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