23 Weird But Genius Bras & Underwear You Won’t Believe People Are Buying On Amazon

I have a love-hate relationship with bras and underwear, and I really think it's because I just can't seem to find many that are comfortable. The struggle to be comfy in my undergarments spurred my curiosity about which bras and underwear people are buying on Amazon. I figured maybe they know something that I don't when it comes to feeling comfortable and supported.

As a frequent traveller, I wind up sitting through plenty of long plane and bus rides, which means that I'm always looking for bras that don't feel like they're poking me in the ribcage, but still give me the lift that I need. So, when I find a truly comfortable bra that does its job and fits correctly, I usually buy more than one!

And then there's underwear. Same story here. When I find a pair I like, I'll buy like five. Because I'm constantly traveling and, consequently, doing laundry in random places, a lot of pairs end up worn out and tossed in the garbage. Right now, I want to stock on some better quality pairs that don't seem so disposable.

I was really surprised by all of the unexpected and ultra practical bras and underwear on Amazon. And, they have so many options that I feel like I can actually trust the reviews — enough to give these styles a try!

1. Panties That Prevent Leaks During Your Period

EvaWear Two Pack Menstrual Period Panty (Sizes S-L), $30-33, Amazon

These period panties are made to be worn either alone on lighter days, or as backup with a tampon, pad, or menstrual cup. They're leakproof and made from a moisture-wicking, absorbent, and hypoallergenic fabric. Users say that these are probably better for the last few days of your period.


2. A Bra That Lets You Go Backless And Strapless

Kissbobo Strapless Bra Invisible Self Adhesive Silicone Bras (Sizes A-DD), $8-12, Amazon

If you're wearing a backless style, a silicone "sticky" bra is a great alternative to going braless. The adhesive cups stick to your breasts and stay in place all day, but come off easily when it's time to remove them. They're great because you can customize the amount of cleavage and push up you want by simply adjusting the placement of the cups.


3. Moisture-Wicking Panties That Keep You Dry

Balanced Tech Women's Seamless Thong Panties - Three Pack (Sizes XS-XL), $13-15, Amazon

If you know you'll be working out, opt for a pair of moisture wicking panties instead of cotton ones. They dry faster and are more breathable than cotton. Plus, these are made with odor-preventing materials as well, to help you feel fresher after a visit to the gym. These seamless and tagless panties come in packs of three, and there are 16 different packs to choose from.


4. A Full-Coverage Strapless Bra That Won't Fall Down

Carnival Full Figure Strapless Lace Bra (Sizes 32B-48DDD), $24-44, Amazon

Strapless bras for larger breasts can be hard to come by. Fortunately, this one is available in a variety of different sizes and features full coverage cups, which are more supportive. This strapless bra also has a gripper elastic band to prevent slippage and side-bones to prevent it from buckling.


5. Undies With Secret Pockets To Keep Your Things Safe

Clever Travel Companion Underwear (Sizes XS-XL), $30, Amazon

If you travel a lot, you should think about picking up a pair of undies like these, because they keep your important belongings safe inside their hidden, zippered pockets. These cotton underwear will help you rest easy if you're visiting a city where pickpocketing is common. They come in four colors: black, grey, pink, and white.


6. A Moisture-Wicking Bra That Isn't Meant For The Gym

Warner's Play It Cool Underwire Contour Bra (Sizes 34B-40D), $17-49, Amazon

If you find yourself dealing with under-boob sweat throughout the day, then you'll love this everyday moisture-wicking bra. Warner's makes a line of bras that feature Chill fx lined cups that wick away sweat and keep you cool. Plus, this full coverage bra has front-adjustable straps that can be converted to a criss-cross style.


7. Underwear That Prevent Chafing

Vassarette Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty (Sizes S - XXL), $7-12, Amazon

Chafed thighs are a painful, but totally avoidable, problem that we've all experienced! Short-like underwear in a smooth fabric, like Vaserette's Slip Short Panty, allow your skin to glide without friction and protects against thigh-irritation. These anti-chafing underwear are available in seven colors, and a wide range of sizes.


8. A Bra That's Perfect For Those Daring Necklines

Wonderbra Perfect Plunge Firm Support Plunge Bra (Sizes 30DD-38DDD), $50-58, Amazon

This bra's sexy and practical shape allows it to remain hidden underneath plunging tops and dresses. A plunge bra, like this one, offers support but won't show like a regular bra would. This bra has removable straps, perfect for wearing under strapless styles.


9. Undies That Won't Show Through Your Clothes

Jockey Underwear No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief (Sizes 5-9), $8-11, Amazon

If you're looking for underwear that won't create a visible line, and thongs aren't your thing, look for a pair of seamless panties. These hipster-style undies are super smooth, and even have a "No Panty Line Promise." They provide full coverage and are available in 17 colors.


10. A Sports Bra With Double The Support

Glamorise No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra (Sizes 34C-50G), $23-68, Amazon

As a woman with larger breasts, I find it really hard to find a sports bra that provides me with the support that I want. In the past I've even resorted to wearing two bras at once. Luckily, this full-coverage, double layered bra will keep your breasts from bouncing all over the place while you work out.


11. A Lacy Low-Rise Thong For Everyday Wear

Hanky Panky Three Pack Something Blue Low Rise Thong (One Size), $60, Amazon

Hanky Panky thongs are super comfortable and versatile. They come in virtually every color, so you can wear them under almost anything without them showing through. The one-size-fits-all undies are stretchy, so you won't feel like they're squeezing your body. These high quality lace panties are made to last, without tearing or fading.


12. A Bra With Straps That Won't Fall Down

Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion-Neckline Underwire Bra (Sizes 34B-42DD), $20-43, Amazon

Straps that won't stay up are one of those things that you might not notice at first, but become increasingly annoying as the day goes on. A U-back bra is a great option if you're all too farmilar with this problem. The convertible straps are set farther back than a standard bra, so they actually stay in place. This ultra-light bra feels supportive and comfortable all day long!


13. The Underwear Equivalent Of A Padded Bra

Booty Shaper Padded But Enhancer Brief (Sizes S-XL), $16, Amazon

If you're interested in adding some volume to your butt, then a pair of padded briefs are an easy way to do so. The built-in foam padding adds extra curves, and they look great beneath jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, and shorts. These briefs are available in black and nude.


14. A Wire-Free Bra That Prevents Side-Spillage

Warner's No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra (Sizes 34A-40C), $10-40, Amazon

I have a Warner wire-free bra and it has become my go to bra for plane rides. They are just so comfortable! This bra also features extra side coverage that helps smooth out "sleevage." The front adjustable straps make all the difference and the flexible foam cups conform to your breasts, for a customized fit.


15. Comfy Underwear You'll Want To Seep In

Hanes Core Sporty Hipster Panty Six Pack (Sizes 5-9), $9-30, Amazon

Personally, I swear by Hanes undies! They're the most comfortable undies I've worn, and I almost always sleep in them. The elastic around the waist isn't super tight, so you won't wake up with marks on your hips. These underwear are tag-free and 100 percent cotton, and they'll quickly become an essential in your underwear drawer.


16. A Super Versatile Convertible Bra

Ekouaer Strapless Convertible Padded Underwire T-Shirt Bra (Sizes 32B-42DDD), $16-20, Amazon

Every woman should have a convertible bra in their underwear drawer, because they allow you to wear whatever you want with ease. This one can be worn strapless, criss-cross, halter, regular, and a handful of other ways as well. Plus, you can even add the extender on the back to create a low backed bra for all of your backless outfits.


17. A Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Leading Lady Plus-Size Front-Close Racerback T-Shirt Bra (Sizes 36A-48DD), $27-46, Amazon

This plus-size racerback bra is a perfect option for everyday wear. It's super comfortable, features non-slip straps (that are actually padded, for extra comfort), and a cooling mesh lining. This full-coverage bra offers women who have larger chests plenty of support. One user said, "OMG! Love Love Love Love this bra!"


18. Retro Inspired Undies

NATORI Feathers Girl Brief (Sizes S-XL), $18-55, Amazon

Wearing matching bras and undies can feel really sexy, and NATORI makes some gorgeous sets. This pair of mid-rise lace briefs are beautifully made. They feature a feathered embroidered design and a mesh back. The undies come in three different colors including black, white, and cafe. One user said, "I love the look and feel of these NATORI panties! I have the Feathers bras as well and love that I can get matching briefs."


19. ...And A Bra To Match

NATORI Feathers Front Close T-Back Bra (Sizes 32B-36DDD), $26-$119, Amazon

Match your new panties with a gorgeous bra. The T-back bra works perfectly under racerback tops, because the straps won't show and won't fall down. Still, with a design as gorgeous as this one, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to show it off.


20. A Classic Thong In A Comfy Fabric

Calvin Klein Three Pack Carousel Thong Panty (Sizes S-XL), $25-$33, Amazon

There's no denying that Calvin Klein is pretty iconic when it comes to underwear. Their logoed waistbands are seen encircling the hips of countless models and celebrities, and have been for years. But, aside from being trendy, they're also really comfortable. This set comes with three pairs of low-rise thongs, and you can choose from eight different packs of assorted colors.


21. Boy Short Panties For Extra Coverage

HANRO Luxury Moments Boyleg Panty (Sizes XS-L), $35-$58, Amazon

I like to wear boy short panties under flowy dresses and skirts because the coverage makes me feel more comfortable, and lace pairs like these are still sexy. These panties come in 12 different colors and provide moderate coverage. One reviewer said, "These are beautifully made and great quality. Love the gorgeous panties! No panty lines either."


22. A Seamless Bra That's Invisible Under Clothing

Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Wire-Free Contour Bra (Sizes 32A-38C), $25-$38, Amazon

If you're wearing something tight, and don't want your bra to show through, a seamless bra is the way to go. This bra is lightweight and made with smooth fabric that glides underneath your clothes. It does have padding, but one user noted that it's, "minimal and doesn't add anything to your cup size, yet it still gives you a nice shape."


23. A Full Coverage Panty That Isn't Too Tight

Warner's No Pinching. No Problems. Modern Brief Panty (Sizes M-XXXL), $6-47, Amazon

If you're searching for a full coverage panty — whether it's because you're wearing a slim fit dress, or you just feel more comfortable that way — there are several different styles to choose from. This brief is constructed from a silky microfiber fabric and features a high-rise, wide elastic waistband, which won't cut into your sides. This panty comes in 14 different colors.

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