24 Genius Toiletries With A Cult-Following On Amazon

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"Oh, everybody's doing it? Well, if everybody was jumping off a cliff would you do that, too?" I think it's legally in a Mom Contract somewhere that she has to say that to her child at some point. Sure, you shouldn't join in on any cliff-jumping fads, but when thousands of people are super excited about genius toiletries, it might be time to follow the crowd.

I mean seriously — when was the last time you bought a nail file that you liked so much that you had to go online to tell everyone about it? I'm guessing, probably never. But this list has a crystal nail file that's so amazing more than 1,000 people have flocked to Amazon to speak of its greatness. When people rave over an emory board, you know it's something special.

Whether you're looking for hair removers, natural mouthwash, or a hydrating hair mask, this list has all the toiletries and grooming products that Amazon customers can't stop raving about. One face mask has over 13,000 stellar reviews! I might not jump off a cliff if someone tells me to, but I'll happily buy a face mask that amazed a small city's worth of people.

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