24 Life-Changing Hygiene Products Skyrocketing In Popularity

Personal hygiene is a choice — but a lot of the time, it feels like there’s not much choice around the products available to us. For instance, I’ve used the same shower gel and mouthwash since college. And considering my own hygiene routine includes daily upkeep, finding any life-changing products for hygiene that are new and popular is exciting to me.

When it comes to hygiene, it might not even occur to us that some of the personal products we've been using forever have evolved over time. There's better things out there! For instance, there's a flosser that lets you get your teeth totally clean with only water. And there's staples out there made with more natural ingredients — like mouthwash without alcohol, or a tea tree body wash that prevents foot fungus. They're legit lifesavers that also make your routine a little simpler, too.

No matter what hygiene task you'd like to make easier or a little better, there's something that will turn your personal hygiene routine into a more efficient and more enjoyable one. So put down that shower gel you've used since you had a poster of Justin Timberlake on your wall — it's time for some new, exciting upgrades.

1. The Almond Oil That's Good For Everything

Pure Body Naturals Sweet Almond Oil, $14, Amazon

If you want to give your hair, skin, and nails an extra dose of vitamins, you can treat them all with this oil. Instead of using a bunch of different serums, this almond oil does just about everything — it can nourish your nails, hydrate your hair, help with acne and blackheads, soothe irritated skin, and even might help grow thinning hair.


2. The Toothpaste That Cleans Your Teeth With Fruit

Himalaya Neem and Pomegranate Flouride-Free Natural Toothpaste, $6, Amazon

Neem is a natural extract that comes from trees of India and is known to clean teeth. This natural toothpaste contains neem and pomegranate, too, which acts as an astringent to soothe and tone. There's no saccharin or fluoride, just completely natural ingredients to leave your teeth just as clean as ever. Reviewers love that it helps out with sensitive teeth and foams up way better than other natural toothpastes on the market.


3. This Toner That's Completely Natural

Thayers Alcohol-Free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner, $12, Amazon

This witch hazel is free of alcohol, and is fortified with aloe vera to soothe and tone skin. It's completely natural, fragrance free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic, so it's good for pretty much all skin types.


4. A Conditioner That You Leave In And Forget About

It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Spray Plus Keratin, $25, Amazon

If you're looking for some extra hydration, a detangler, softer curls, heat protection, or frizz-free locks — this leave-in spray does it all! It's got keratin to fortify hair, and it'll leave it soft and smoother than before, too.


5. The Toothbrush That's Made Out Of Charcoal

Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal Infused Bristles, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

If you love charcoal toothpaste and charcoal teeth powder, you should just go all out and get these charcoal infused toothbrushes. The bamboo toothbrush comes in recycled biodegradable packaging while the brushes themselves contain the full power of charcoal to clean your teeth. They're BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free, so you won't have to worry about any chemicals creeping into your morning routine.


6. The Vegan Shampoo And Conditioner That Aims To Stimulate Your Hair Follicles

Organic Vegan Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set, $38, Amazon

This sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner promises to help minimize hair loss — and it's good for any hair type, including curly or color-treated hair. It's made with natural ingredients like coconut extract for anti-fungal purposes, Vitamin B5 for growth, orange peel for antioxidants, and amino acids to strengthen. One reviewer writes: "I have been using this set for about a month, and I am noticing some hair growth. It has also made my hair look and feel healthier!"


7. A Little Scraper That Freshens Your Breath

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $7, Amazon

Scraping your tongue never seems like a fun task, but it's really not that bad. Especially with this cleaner. This scraper cleans your whole tongue in less than 30 seconds with its stainless steel strip. It's a great way to keep your breath fresh without having to deal with mints, gum, or harsh mouthwash.


8. This Loofah That's All Natural

SUYISUER Natural Loofah Exfoliating Bath Sponge, $14 (Pack of 2), Amazon

If you'd like to use a loofah with your body wash, but don't like the idea of rubbing plastic all over your skin, give this natural sponge a try. It's completely natural and comes with a little rope to make it easier to hang up in the shower. It works like a regular loofah, though you should soak or rinse it in hot water before use. To clean, just pop it in a pot of boiling water and it's good as new!


9. A Clarifying Shampoo That Gives Body And Shine

Beautiful Nutrition Lemon Rinse Anti Frizz Clarifying Hair Treatment, $8, Amazon

If you feel like your hair and scalp could use a clarifying treatment, this clarifying rinse is a great one to buy. Made with lemon extract, which is great for oily hair, this gets rid of product buildup from things like dry shampoo, leaving your hair less frizzy and extra shiny. There's no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, just the cleanest, shiniest hair possible.


10. The All Natural Body Wash That Keeps Odor-Causing Bacteria Away

ArtNaturals Essential Tea Tree Bath and Body Wash, $13, Amazon

If you're looking for a body wash that kills germs and fungus but doesn't have any weird chemicals, this soap might be perfect. Made with tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus oils, this body wash has natural antiseptic qualities which can help soothe athletes foot, eczema, and other skin conditions. Then, the aloe vera, coconut and jojoba oils leave your skin feeling extra soft and moisturized.


11. The Natural Deodorant That Smells Like Roses

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant, $12, Amazon

Most natural deodorants come in a paste form, but this is a deodorant spray. There's no aerosol or aluminum in there, just natural ingredients that kill odor causing bacteria. It also has a lovely rose scent, and can even be used as a body mist.


12. The Conditioner That Gives You Amazing Curls

Deva Curl Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner, $36, Amazon

My curly haired friends go absolutely crazy for Deva Curl products and this conditioner is one of their most popular yet. It's super creamy, keeps curls defined but manageable, and smells like lemongrass. It's light enough that you can use it every time you wash and it won't weigh down your hair. If you've got curly hair, this one is definitely worth trying.


13. The Soap Designed To Soothe Your Skin

Oleavine Antifungal Soap with Tea Tree for Body, $15, Amazon

Pretty much everybody gets irritated skin at one time or another. If you're having any kind of redness or itching, you might want to try this body wash. The tea tree oil helps get rid of bacteria and fungus, which can help alleviate irritation. Even though the soap is so powerful, it's completely natural with no preservatives, detergents, petroleum, silicone, synthetic fragrance, or dyes.


14. The Body Scrub With A Caffeine Boost

Arabica Coffee Scrub, $13, Amazon

Sometimes, I wish I could drink my coffee in the shower, just to save time. Well, this scrub kind of makes that happen. Made with arabica coffee beans, honey, and sea salt, the scrub gently exfoliates your body or face and gets rid of any dead skin. And the best part is? It smells like a delicious cup of coffee.


15. The Body Butter With A Royal Touch

The Savannah Bee Company Royal Jelly Body Butter, $22, Amazon

This body butter is made with Royal Jelly, which is a secretion from bees (different from honey) that is filled vitamins, proteins, sugars, and lipids to nourish and moisturize skin It has a lovely pecan and blackberry scent, and if you're going to keep your skin hydrated — you might as well do it like a Queen Bee.


16. The Shampoo That Doubles As A Body Wash

Honest Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Shampoo & Body Wash, $10, Amazon

I'm always in a rush in the morning, so the idea of using only one bottle for shampoo and body wash sounds pretty amazing. This lavender wash is plant-based, completely hypoallergenic, and made with coconut oil, jojoba protein, and quinoa extract. It's incredibly mild and even gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.


17. A Facial Cleanser That Comes In A Stick

Belif The True Tincture Cleansing Stick, $28, Amazon

For a super easy face washing routine, you should definitely try this tincture stick. It uses chamomile and other natural ingredients to cleanse your skin. There are no additional mineral oils, synthetic dyes, fragrances, or preservatives. But the best part is that it comes in a stick! Just roll some on your face, wash away with water, and you'll be ready for bed in less than a minute.


18. The Oil That Cleans And Moisturizes In One

Olivu Avocado Oil Cleanser, $18, Amazon

I have pretty dry and sensitive skin and it often gets worse the more products I use. Instead of dealing with five different things, I can clean my face, remove makeup, and moisturize all with this avocado cleanser. It's completely natural — considering there's only one ingredient. Your skin stays balanced and moisturized due to the high quality of oil that's used. Most importantly, it makes washing your face twice as fast.


19. The Cleanser That Takes Care Of All Your Skincare Needs In One Bottle

One Step Face Wash, $25, Amazon

Generally, I'm lazy. So, I love the idea of washing, removing makeup, exfoliating, and toning my face all from one product. Using all natural products, this one step face wash fulfills all your skin needs without any strange ingredients or chemicals. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote: "The most amazing face wash I've ever used. It controls acne without leaving my skin dry. And my face stays soft and smooth without getting oily."


20. The Natural Soap That Gives You A Serious Clean

Power Soap Organic Bar Soap for Athletes, $9, Amazon

If you're ever worried that bar soap won't give you as deep a clean as the regular kind, this organic soap is here to prove otherwise. Made with essential oils and coffee, it's great for athletes who just had an intense workout. It's great for all skin types and gets rid of all the dirt and germs with ease. Plus, it lasts three times longer than your average sports soap, so it's worth having around.


21. The Moisturizer That's Completely Free Of Oil

Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion, $17, Amazon

This oil-free lotion is mild, made from birch sap, and provides excellent hydration with no oil at all. It's suitable for all skin types, but especially good for acne-prone or oily skin. One reviewer writes: "This is truly a holy grail moisturizer for me and has a nice face feel and natural herbal scent. Will definitely repurchase!"


22. The Flosser That Keeps You From Hating Flossing

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, $60, Amazon

Ugh. I know I should do it, but I hate flossing. So, this Waterpik came as a huge surprise. Using a strong stream of water, it flosses your teeth in about a minute and it's totally painless. It's also got 10 pressure settings and seven different flossing tips included.


23. The Wipes That Can Replace Your Shower

GoodWipes Deodorizing Body Biodegradable Wipes, $10 (10 Count), Amazon

Whether you got pooped on by an angry pigeon or just had a long day at the gym, sometimes you need a shower on the go. Thankfully, that's exactly what these wipes do. They're alcohol and paraben-free and use tea tree oil to kill germs and make you feel refreshed. They're safe enough to use anywhere on your body and come individually wrapped, so you can keep one in a bag for whenever you need it.


24. The Mouthwash That's Alcohol-Free

Oral Essentials Mouthwash, $12, Amazon

If you want all the effects of mouthwash without the alcohol, try this natural mouthwash. It's free of sugars, dyes, preservatives and alcohol. The natural ingredients still give you a minty fresh feel, just without all the stinging, burning, or chemicals. This stuff makes dental hygiene much more pleasant and that's always great.

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