24 Life-Changing Hygiene Products Skyrocketing In Popularity

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Personal hygiene is a choice — but a lot of the time, it feels like there’s not much choice around the products available to us. For instance, I’ve used the same shower gel and mouthwash since college. And considering my own hygiene routine includes daily upkeep, finding any life-changing products for hygiene that are new and popular is exciting to me.

When it comes to hygiene, it might not even occur to us that some of the personal products we've been using forever have evolved over time. There's better things out there! For instance, there's a flosser that lets you get your teeth totally clean with only water. And there's staples out there made with more natural ingredients — like mouthwash without alcohol, or a tea tree body wash that prevents foot fungus. They're legit lifesavers that also make your routine a little simpler, too.

No matter what hygiene task you'd like to make easier or a little better, there's something that will turn your personal hygiene routine into a more efficient and more enjoyable one. So put down that shower gel you've used since you had a poster of Justin Timberlake on your wall — it's time for some new, exciting upgrades.

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