30 Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands To Shop On Earth Day

by Miki Hayes
Courtesy Renpure

Earth Day is just two days away. And while there are plenty of ways to celebrate the national observance of the environment (Plant a tree! Volunteer with an environmental organization! Recycle! March for Science!), the beauty junkie in me can't help but think of all the eco-friendly, natural and organic beauty brands to support in honor of Earth Day. And you guys, it's pretty exciting just how many of them there are. Whether you need skin care, hair care, makeup, or even a new perfume, there's a natural option. (Sustainably sourced, organic ingredients and recycled packaging, FTW.)

Even if you already shop natural beauty year-round though, there are some perks to shopping on Earth Day. Some brands offer extra discounts or gifts with purchase in honor of the observance, while others even donate a portion of proceeds to environmental organizations or plant a tree for every purchase. Supporting eco-conscious companies while trying out some new skin care and getting a tree planted in your name? What's not to love about that? So you can get your beauty fix while helping protect the environment, here are 30 natural and organic beauty brands to shop this weekend (or, you know, whenever):

1. 100% Pure

Courtesy Brand

Try: Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick, $30, 100% Pure

This organic beauty brand is 100-percent natural and free from artificial coloring, fragrance, and synthetic preservatives. Which means all of the cosmetics are colored with fruit. Not to mention it's planting one tree for every product sold.

2. Alima Pure

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Try: Satin Matte Foundation, $28, Amazon

Made from the purest, natural ingredients, this makeup line uses minimal ingredients for maximum impact.

3. Amala

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Try: Rejuvenating Toner, $54, Amala

This luxury skin-care line features organic, fair-trade ingredients and ensures each retains its full therapeutic value by utilizing custom distillation.

4. Artnaturals

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Try: Pure Essential Oil Rollerball Collection, $21, Amazon

Artnaturals gathers natural ingredients and extracts from around the world to make eco-friendly and health-conscious essentials for hair, face, body, and spirit.

5. Bare Republic

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Try: Mineral Sunscreen Stick, $10, Amazon

Made with natural and organic ingredients, Bare Republic offers eco-conscious sun protection for face, body, and hair.

6. C2 California Clean

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Try: Ultra Replenishing Oil Squalane + Vitamin E, $88, California Clean

Formulated with the goal of obviously safe and healthy skin care, C2 California Clean uses the purest and most effective ingredients from nature in its products.

7. CLEAN Reserve

Courtesy Brand

Try: CLEAN Reserve Fragrance, $95, Sephora

Crave a perfume with a low carbon footprint? Each fragrance in this range features sustainable, raw ingredients that are ethically harvested from local communities.


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Try: Sunscreen Spray, $36, Amazon

This line of sun protection uses as many ingredients as possible that are natural, organic, sustainable, and locally sourced.

9. EO Products

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Try: Organic Argan Face Oil, $12, Amazon

With a focus on sustainable manufacturing and natural ingredients, every EO product contains organic ingredients, and some contain only certified, food-grade organic ingredients.


Courtesy Brand

Try: Sugar Scrub, $44, FIG+YARROW

FIG+YARROW's small-batch products are formulated with raw and organic ingredients that are responsibly harvested to respect your skin and the environment.

11. HAN Skin Care Cosmetics

Courtesy Brand

Try: Cheek & Lip Tint, $14, Amazon

This all-natural makeup line incorporates plant-based ingredients and is free from artificial dyes and preservatives to provide skin-care level benefits.

12. Herbivore

Courtesy Brand

Try: Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, $37, Amazon

Prioritizing organic, food-grade ingredients, Herbivore provides natural, filler-free solutions for hair, face, and body.

13. Ilia

Courtesy Brand

Try: Illuminator, $34, Sephora

Ilia takes pride in protecting both your skin and the environment. That's why each product contains ethically-sourced, bioactive, organic ingredients, and the lip products are housed in recycled aluminum packaging.

14. Indie Lee

Courtesy Brand

Try: Rosehip Cleanser, $32, Amazon

This eco-friendly line sustainably sources natural ingredients from around the world with the goal of protecting not only your skin but also the earth.

15. Juice Beauty

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Try: Ultra-Natural Mascara, $22, Dermstore

Juice Beauty provides skin care and makeup that is made with USDA-certified organic ingredients and sustainable practices. Now through Earth Day, you can score some of the best-sellers at discounted prices.

16. Love + Sage

Courtesy Brand

Try: Lip Balm, $12, Love + Sage

These lip balms are formulated with pure and non-toxic plant-based ingredients. Plus, from April 21-23, 30-percent of proceeds will be donated to Earthjustice environmental defense fund.

17. Meow Meow Tweet

Courtesy Brand

Try: Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream, $14, Meow Meow Tweet

A small-batch skin-care company, Meow Meow Tweet makes vegan products with pure, all-natural and organic ingredients that are housed in eco-conscious packaging.

18. Origins

Courtesy Brand

Try: A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer, $44, Origins

Dedicated to recycling and planting trees to promote earth-friendly practices, Origins also formulates all products with natural and certified organic ingredients. And during Earth Month, you can score a free reusable tote with your purchase.

19. Osmia Organics

Courtesy Brand

Try: Balance Facial Serum, $50, Osmia Organics

This line is formulated with natural and organic ingredients in every product. Simple, yet effective.

20. Renpure

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Try: Coconut Water Hydrating Shampoo, $5, Ulta

With a formula for every hair type, Renpure hair care ensures every ingredient is properly and ethically sourced and produced.

21. RMS Beauty

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Try: Face Brush Bundle, $86, RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food-grade, and organic ingredients. And when you shop the limited edition brush bundles on Earth Day, RMS Beauty will donate a portion of the proceeds to Earthjustice.

22. SheaMoisture

Courtesy Brand

Try: Bar Soap, $5, Sally Beauty

With everything from bath and body, to hair care, to skin care, to even makeup, if you want your beauty natural, organic, and sustainably sourced, SheaMoisture has you covered.

23. Skinfix

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Try: Foaming Clay Cleanser, $15, CVS

This natural skin-care brand works with dermatologists to develop its products which feature vitamins, minerals, oils, and active natural ingredients to gently protect the skin.

24. SweetSpot Labs

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Try: Gentle Wash, $8, Jet

These gentle washes and wipes are pH-balanced and made with natural ingredients so women can get clean and stay fresh from head to toe and everywhere in between.

25. Tata Harper

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Try: Regenerating Cleanser, $42, Sephora

Whether skin care, cosmetics, or aromatherapy, all Tata Harper products are 100-percent natural and non-toxic, sustainably sourced, and locally produced.

26. True Moringa

Courtesy Brand

Try: All Purpose Body Oil, $36, True Moringa

Starting Earth Day, this clean, green, and ethical beauty brand will plant a moringa tree for every purchase made through the end of 2017.

27. Tu'el

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Try: Deep Pore Cleansing System, $44, Tu'el

This natural skin-care line is all about botanicals, and formulates its products with every skin type in mind for a customized experience.

28. WEN Hair + Body Care By Chaz Dean

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Try: Treatment Oil, $65, Chaz Dean

Treat your hair gently and naturally with oils, mists, masks, and cleansing conditioners.

29. White & Elm

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Try: Brightening Mask, $22, White & Elm

White & Elm uses minimal and organic ingredients, and also participates in the Environmental Working Group's EWG Verified program which has strict standards for green beauty. So you know what's in your skin care.

30. ZSS Skincare

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Try: Clear Skin Probiotics System, $129, Amazon

Beauty supplements are totally having a moment, and all of ZSS Skincare's products are naturally-derived, pure, contaminant-free, and sustainable. Oh, and for Earth Month, 30-Day Systems are half off when you use the code April50.

Happy Earth Day shopping, my fellow natural-beauty junkies.