24 ‘Star Wars’ Quotes To Use In Your Vows For The Perfect Jedi Wedding

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are two types of people in this world. People who love Star Wars hardcore, and everyone else. And the chances are, if you fit into the former category, you feel that many of your life philosophies, including love and commitment, are informed by the wise words spouted off in these beloved, cinema-defining films. So if you're looking to fit in some Star-Wars themed wedding vows into your big day in order to honor both your beloved and your new spouse (hehe) — look no further.

Now, it's no secret that Star Wars provides basically an entire ideology for life, so wanting to get a little of that into your partnership is understandable. In fact, adding a little Star Wars language into your vows could be just the beginning. You could really go for broke and do an entirely Star Wars-themed wedding, like this Idaho couple, Carrie and Allen Gresick did on May 4th.

The bride and groom were Princess Leia and Han Solo, respectively, and in front of 300 guests — 50 percent of whom were dressed in costume — they said their Star Wars inspired vows. And yes, they even did light saber table arrangements. Freakin' brilliant.

Below, take some of these quotes and let the Force move you into wedded bliss.

"I love you." "I know." - Princess Leia and Han Solo

“We’re gonna do this…” - Poe Dameron

“Remember…the Force will be with you, always.” - Obi Wan Kenobi

"Never tell me the odds!" - Han Solo

"Just for once, let me look on you with my own eyes" - Anakin Skywalker

“I fear nothing. For all is as the Force wills it.” – Chirrut Imwe

"Always in motion is the future." - Yoda

"You can't stop the change, anymore than you can stop the suns from setting."- Shmi Skywalker

"Chewie, we're home." - Han Solo

"In my experience there is no such thing as luck.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

“The force is strong with this one.” - Darth Vader

“Use the force, Luke.” - Obi Wan Kenobi

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda

"Remember, your focus determines your reality." - Qui-Gon Jinn

"I love that Wookie!" - Maz Kanata

“I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” – Jango Fett

"Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love." - Anakin Skywalker

"It's a trap!"- Admiral Ackbar

"Don't underestimate The Force." - Darth Vader

“Your weapon… you will not need it.” – Yoda

“You look absolutely beautiful. You truly belong here with us among the clouds.” – Lando (to Leia)

"Fear is the path to the dark side." - Yoda

“Women always figure out the truth. Always.” – Han Solo

"You must feel the force around you. Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes." - Yoda

Yes, my fellow Jedi's, let these quotes inspire you with love and deep ideas to personalize your vows. Let the Force be with your union!