Tweets That Got Week 5 Of 'The Bachelor' So Right

ABC/Mark Coffey

Although I got pretty much nothing from the group date with the ghosts, the rest of Monday night's Bachelor episode was really heating up. From the epic "to be continued" drama during the one-on-one with Corinne and Taylor to the insane chemistry between Nick and Rachel, there was a lot to say about everything that went down. If you feel the need to talk about the episode (even more than you already have), then you need to read the tweets that got week five of Nick Viall's Bachelor season exactly right.

At this point in the game, the seasoned watchers know that there a few women who will inevitably get booted the next couple eliminations, but other than them, there really are some serious contender for winning Nick's final rose at the end. The signs were everywhere.

And yes, you are not the only one who noticed certain things. Thank god there's Twitter to validate that other fans have the same thoughts you have throughout the episode. I found out I wasn't the only one who couldn't care less about that bratty ghost and who wished that Alexis got more screen time aside from her usual bits during the ending credits.

The chances are, if something stood out to you during the episode, then someone else tweeted about it. (And if that's not the case, then you need to step up your Twitter game and share your Bachelor insights with the world.)

1. When Corinne Used The "Word" "Intelligency"

Say what you want, but Corinne is TV gold and I love her even more for using the "word" "intelligency" when she was ranting about Taylor.

2. When Whitney Got The First Rose

Whitney barely gets any screen time, so it was pretty shocking when she was the first one to get a rose from Nick. I wish we knew more about her.

3. When Sarah Got Sent Home

Sure, Sarah never got a ton of screen time, but she just seems like such a sweetheart.

4. When Alexis Talked About New Orleans

Can Alexis just start co-hosting this show with Chris Harrison? I just love the way she explains everything. She has the best insight in the entire cast.

5. When Raven Said She "Didn't Sign Up For Ghostbusters"

Bless her heart. Everything Raven says is adorable thanks to her Arkansas accent.

6. When Rachel Said Nick Had "Swag"

I've always felt that Nick is an endearing character, but it's hard trying not to laugh when someone as cool as Rachel blesses Nick by saying he has swag.

7. When Nick Admitted That He's Thought About Meeting Rachel's Family

Aaaawwww. He really likes her. My heart melted. Nick better give Rachel one of those home town dates. I mean, he basically just guaranteed that invite... right?

8. When Nick Asked Rachel What She Calls Her Dad

I know that this is so easy to make fun of, but it really seemed like Nick was just nervous and trying to make conversation here. Nevertheless, it was both awkward and hilarious.

9. When Nick & Rachel Watched LoLo Perform At The Bar

Can these people stop pretending that anything is a coincidence? They did not just stumble into a bar to see an up-and-coming singer perform.

10. When You Realized Rachel Would Be A Great Bachelorette

It really seems like Vanessa has a hold on Nick, but Rachel is pretty close. If she doesn't win, fans would love to see more of Rachel on TV, so she should definitely be the next Bachelorette.

11. When Nick & Danielle M. (Finally) Had Some Alone Time

We ALL love Danielle M and can't help rooting for her, but as great as she is, there doesn't seem to be a ton of chemistry there with Nick. Maybe it's the editing?

12. When Raven Told Nick She Was In Love With Him

It's clear that Raven got caught up in the moment and just said it, but then she was kind of left hanging. At least give her the group date rose or something.

13. When Kristina Accurately Predicted Who Got The Group Date Rose

Even if Kristina doesn't win Nick's heart at the end, I bet she can accurately predict who does. This woman always has good insight.

14. When Raven Thought She Was Getting The Group Rose

Everyone likes Danielle M., but Raven had just said the "L" word!

15. When Danielle M. Won The Group Rose

We need more Danielle M. on this show. The fandom was all about her in the beginning and then she just disappeared.

16. When Taylor Accidentally Made People Root For Corinne

Taylor's cockiness was the best thing to happen to Corinne. Some — not all, but some — viewers could not help cheering for Corinne after her 2-on-1 date.

17. When Corinne Secured Herself A Voodoo Doll

How did Nick not say anything about Corinne holding a voodoo doll all of a sudden? Corinne really does get whatever she wants from the producers.

18. When Taylor Got Sent Home

The Corinne vs. Taylor conflict definitely helped humanize Corinne.

19. When Corinne Said "Make America Corinne Again"

This quote is especially crazy now considering how the election ended up. But, yes, Corinne is definitely going to put that phrase on apparel and mugs while she can.

20. When Taylor Showed Up After Her Elimination

Wait. What is Taylor doing back? What a "coincidence" that she showed up just as Nick and Corinne were toasting to how happy they were to be at that dinner together.

21. When The Episode Concluded With "To Be Continued" ...Again

The rose ceremonies need to be at the end of the episode! This is getting way out of hand when it happens every. single. week. I'm so over it.

22. When Most Of Alexis's Screen Time Was During The Credits

This is injustice. Alexis is clearly the most entertaining person in this cast. (Sorry, Nick.) She deserves more screen time.

23. When Alexis Made Out With Nick While He Had On A Nicolas Cage Mask

This was the best part of the entire episode. It was so weird, but I can't believe they actually kissed with that mask on. Alexis is the gift that keeps on giving.

24. When The Preview For Next Week Mentioned The Possibility Of 2 People Going Home During The 2-On-1 Date

No. Way. Corinne cannot go home. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Corinne brings the entertainment during every episode. It's scary to think that she could be eliminated next week. Thankfully, you remembered that there are so many Corinne scenes from the season preview that haven't aired yet. She is safe... Or a lot happens at the beginning of the next episode. It is more likely that there is another 2-on-1 date next week. I have no idea who would make sense to pit against each other, but I'm just hoping for that since I can't deal with Corinne going home at this point.

Thank god for Twitter. It allows us all to realize that there are other Bachelor fans who care just as much as we do when it comes to talking about the show's key moments.