25 Christmas Songs You Need On Your Holiday Playlist

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Christmas is a very particular holiday. Not only is it one of the few where gifts are given out to everyone who celebrates, but it's also one that has a vast amount of songs written about it. Those songs are partly responsible for the distinct feeling that is Christmastime — or the Holiday season. And of course, there are so many, how do you even decide what you listen to when the end of the year rolls around? These25 Christmas songs you need on your holiday playlist should help narrow down your search for the perfect music to listen to while decorating your tree. From slower songs, to sad songs, to those that are the best to dance to, there's something everyone in the house will love on this list. Plus they're all guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit.

There is, of course, the debate on when you should start listening to said Christmas music. There's the camp that demands it year-round and insists on it as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Halloween. And then there are those that need Thanksgiving to officially end before hearing any good tidings. Some are more extreme and demand Christmas music be limited only to the month of December. Whichever you prefer, you have to agree to Christmas music has a special pull on the heartstrings and has a special power to get even the grouchiest Scrooge into the spirit. Hopefully, these songs help you do just that.

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