25 New Erotic Romance Novels To Spice Up Your Summer Reading List

By Kerri Jarema
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Here's the thing about reading an erotic romance for the first time: It can be super intimidating. But when I finally picked one up, the reading experience completely shifted my thinking about what erotica novels actually are, and the real reason why so many people find them so awkward to read. It's not a secret that women's sex lives are still policed, discussed, protested, and argued over everywhere from cable news to Congress. The overarching message from many politicians, Hollywood execs, and more is clear: We are not comfortable with women enjoying sex or exploring their physical desires. And that just simply will not do.

Erotic novels like the ones below can provide the perfect safe space for readers to explore their sexual proclivities, and take their desires into their own hands. And if you've been conditioned to believe that all erotica is poorly-written, let me reassure you that there are tons of great books out there that combine interesting plots and strong characters with all the super steamy scenes your heart desires. Whether this is your first time picking up one of these books or you're a seasoned erotica reader looking for some new releases to add to your summer reading list, you'll find exactly what you're looking for on the list below: