26 Classic Rom-Coms Streaming Now That Made The Genre What It Is Today

You may think that the end of "cuffing season" means that your romantic inclinations will fall by the wayside so you can keep things light all summer, but you're probably wrong. Now, this is totally not scientific, but do you ever feel like you've trained yourself to crave romance based on how many rom-coms you've seen? If you look at rainy days as opportunities for meeting the love of your life while you both seek shelter, you're probably a rom-com expert. Some of us are just wired to crave romance, and these classic rom-coms that you can stream right now are some of the best of the best.

The feel-good genre is in a new renaissance now, with new progressive and diverse offerings that shake off the dust that many felt rom-coms had been gathering for years. (Think Always Be My Maybe, Long Shot, and Crazy Rich Asians.) But the classics are called classics for a reason, and sometimes you just want to watch something cozy and familiar. Fortunately, these 26 tried and true rom-coms are available for streaming. Whether you've seen them once, a hundred times, or never, the movies below will add a little magic to your summer.