29 '90s Movies You Forgot Were A Thing

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The '90s saw the release of countless classic films. Titanic, Pulp Fiction, and The Matrix, etc. — the decade was filled with movies that continue to be talked about and seen regularly nearly two decades later. Not every '90s film has stood the test of time, though. For every classic we obsess over today, there's a movie that's been completely forgotten. Did you know that Mark Wahlberg once stalked Reese Witherspoon on-screen? Well, that's just one of the fun facts you'll find going through these 29 '90s movies you forgot were a thing.

Most of these epically '90s movies were buzz-worthy when they were released, but have since faded into the background. They're not all bad, but they are certainly not all good. In fact, I'm sure many of the actors who starred in these movies wish you'd forget about them forever. (Did the world need Leonardo DiCaprio to play a bratty French king in The Man In The Iron Mask? I think not.) And I bet there are some '90s movies you have forgotten about that now, you wish you could wipe from your memory entirely. Take a look at the list below find out what movies you'll be happy to remember again and which ones you wish would just stay hidden.

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