29 'Gilmore Girls' Moments No True Fan Will Forget

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Whether you've watched it just once or a hundred times, there are a whole lot of Gilmore Girls moments that are hard to forget. It's no surprise, since Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that you can't help but get immersed in. To quote what Lorelai and Rory tell Dean when he comes over to watch The Donna Reed Show, Gilmore Girls is a lifestyle. It's a religion. It's a show that you can't help but remember. Ask any fan, and they'll be able to rattle off a list of their favorite Gilmore Girls moments that will end with you saying, "Oy, with the poodles already." (See? This show really is so quotable.)

With seven seasons and the Netflix four-episode revival season, A Year In The Life, there are certainly a lot of moments that have made you feel all the feels. From the knock-down, drag-out fights — sometimes literally, in the case of Dean and Jess — to the lighter moments that likely ended with you needing tissues, these are the 29 moment that most fans would agree stand out for being just the right amount of Gilmore.

Now it's time to do just the right amount of reminiscing.

1. Lorelai Yells At Rory For Staying Out All Night

"You're going on the pill." It's what Lorelai tells her teenage daughter after she failed to come home from a Chilton dance the night before. Instead, Rory was caught sleeping with her boyfriend (literally, not figuratively) at Miss Patty's. What makes it so much worse is the fact that Emily was there to see it. It's the first time we see our cool mom lose her cool, but it isn't the last.

2. Rory Steals The Cornstarch

More importantly, though, she also gets her first kiss with Dean. The cornstarch is just a reminder that it happened in Doose's Market and cameoed in another sweet moment when the girls returned for A Year In The Life.

3. Rory Loves Dean, You Idiot

After struggling to tell Dean how she really feels, Rory managed to muster up five words to let him know: "I love you, you idiot." What a way to end the first season.

4. Lorelai Is Getting Married

With a thousand yellow daisies, Max Medina proposes to Lorelai in a way that she can't refuse.

5. Lorelai Isn't Getting Married

The daisies were long gone at this point, and so was Lorelai. She ran off days before her she was supposed to get married to Max, bringing Rory with her for a wild ride to a B&B. It wasn't that surprising that Lorelai, after calling her ex Christopher, wouldn't be tying the knot. The way she did it, though, was pretty cold.

6. Emily Is A Vicious Trollop

Well, she wears a lipstick called Vicious Trollop and gets picked up by a guy at a bar. Just when you thought Lorelai and Emily were getting along, something — this time, a man over 60 — tears them apart. Not the best spa day ever.

7. Rory Breaks Her Wrist

After a tutoring session gone rogue with Jess, Rory ends up in the hospital with a broken wrist. The two are in a car accident that Lorelai blames Jess for, forcing Luke to go fishing after he sends his nephew back on a bus to New York City. While Rory getting a cast is memorable, it's the blow-up between Lorelai and Luke that you won't ever forget.

8. Christopher Doesn't Pick Lorelai

It seemed like the right time for Christopher and Lorelai — that is, until Chris' girlfriend, Sherry, tells him she's pregnant. Christopher decides that he needs to make things work with Sherry, for the baby's sake. Lorelai is let down again by Chris, but there's no time to mourn. She has to walk down the aisle at Sookie's wedding to the saddest song ever.

9. Dean Breaks Up With Rory In Front Of The Whole Town

There's so much great stuff happening in the Season 3 episode "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" The dancing, the costumes, getting a firsthand look at Kirk's competitive side. What really stands out about this episode, though, is watching Dean break up with Rory in front of the whole town. It's not that surprising that he would break it off, since she so clearly wanted to be with Jess, but the fact that he did it so publicly is a bit of a shocker.

10. Paris Talks About Having Sex Live On C-SPAN

Paris did everything she could to make sure she got into Harvard, so, when she doesn't, she has a bit of a breakdown. This includes showing up to Chilton in sweatpants to give a speech live on C-SPAN. She forgoes the speech, though, to let the viewers know that she had sex, and that's why Harvard didn't want her. "Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore!" Paris shouts with the cameras watching. "You're going to Harvard!"

11. Emily Finally Takes On Trix

Lorelai gives Emily a bit of advice on how to take on Richard's mom, Trix, without causing trouble. Basically, she just need to stay calm and carry on. Emily is not one to half-ass anything, so it's no surprise that it takes her a couple of hours to finish a pea. Emily's so good at this kind of warfare that Lorelai is impressed. "That'll do, pig," Lorelai tells her. "That'll do."

12. Dean And Jess Fight Over Rory

How could anyone forget the main reason why Rory is Lorelai's hero? Rory's ex, Dean, and current boyfriend, Jess, go at it at a house party in an epic fight that ends up on the lawn. The police even end up getting called. After how Jess treated Rory, it's not as if he didn't deserve a punch, but Kyle's house definitely didn't deserve to be treated with such disrespect.

13. Rory Graduates High School

Even Luke can't stop crying when Rory, the valedictorian, gets up and talks about her biggest inspiration: her mom. After talking about how her mom set her up with great female role models, she said, "I don't know if she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her." And now we're all crying.

14. Luke Can Waltz

Oh, yes, Luke can waltz. We get to see this at his sister Liz's Renaissance-themed wedding, and it's something you definitely don't want to unsee.

15. Jess Comes Back For Rory

After finishing a self-help book given to him by Luke, Jess attempts to make things right with Rory. Of course, he does it in a very crazy way: showing up to her dorm and asking her to run away with him.

16. Luke And Lorelai Finally Kiss

They both finally stand still long enough to share one of the most anticipated kisses in the history of television. Too bad Kirk's night terrors sort of kill the mood, but it's somehow fitting for these two.

17. Rory Sleeps With A Married Dean

It's hard to forget this happened, but perhaps even harder to forget the fight that Rory has with her mom, who is concerned that she didn't think this through. Rory feels as if her mom is trying to ruin this for her, and seeing her crying into her hands after calling Dean, only to have his wife pick up, is truly heartbreaking.

18. Luke Is All In

It may have only been Lorelai and Luke's first date, but Luke lets her know he's ready for a commitment. How does he do this, you ask? Well, by pulling out his wallet and revealing the horoscope Lorelai gave him the first time they ever met. Yeah, he's definitely all in.

19. Rory Jumps, Logan Jumps

Rory isn't the most adventurous person, but, after meeting Logan Huntzberger, she seems a little more spontaneous. Case in point: She jumps seven stories hand-in-hand with Logan after he tells her that taking chances is the only way to live.

20. Lorelai Is Done With Emily

Emily really doesn't want Lorelai to be with Luke. So much so that she tells Christopher to show up to her vow renewal with Richard so that he can attempt to win her back. Unfortunately, Emily's plan doesn't turn out like she hoped. Instead of getting rid of Luke, she ends up driving Lorelai away. It's hard to forget the look on Lorelai's face when she tells her mom she's done.

21. Rory Moves In With Emily And Richard

After stealing a boat, Rory believes the only thing she can do is quit school. Lorelai tries her best to keep that from happening, even asking her Richard and Emily for help. Unfortunately, so does Rory, who is able to convince her grandparents that a stay in the pool house will help her more.

22. Rory Talks About Sex With A Reverend

Richard and Emily want to make sure Rory's practicing safe sex, so they decide to trick her into talking to the reverend about it. Awkward, especially since Rory isn't a virgin. Watching her tell the reverend that she's already given her ultimate gift away and now she'll have to give Logan a sweater will make you die laughing.

23. Emily Tells Off Shira Huntzberger

When Richard finds out that the Huntzbergs did, in fact, insult his granddaughter, Emily decides to have a talk with Shira. Well, it's less of a talk and more of verbal attack. With a plastic smile, Emily tells Shira off, managing to pick on her social standing, weight, and husband's infidelity in the same breath. The lesson here is don't mess with Emily Gilmore. After this scene, you'll never forget it.

24. Friday Night Fight With The Gilmores

In Season 6, the Gilmores attempt to reconcile with an epic Friday night dinner that involves a lot of shouting, laughing... and even more shouting.

25. Lorelai Sleeps With Christopher

After fighting with Luke over the fact that he doesn't want to set a date for their wedding, Lorelai runs to Christopher. The shot of her waking up in Chris' bed will break your heart.

26. Lorelai's Karaoke Spectacular

Lorelai's drunken rendition of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" was supposed to be dedicated to Rory, but, once Luke shows up, it becomes a sad tribute to their failed romance. It's also one of the show's saddest moments. Tissues are definitely necessary.

27. Emily Gilmore Has A Mouth Like A Sailor

After losing Richard, fans get to see another side of Emily Gilmore — one that isn't afraid to say how she really feels. She's not worried about appearing prim and proper; she just wants to say what's on her mind. That's why it's so good to hear Emily say the word "bullsh*t" at a DAR meeting.

28. Lorelai Tells Emily Her Favorite Richard Moment

It was a long time coming, but, when Lorelai finally reveals her favorite story about her dad, which includes a day at the movies, it's clear it's worth the wait.

29. Those Four Final Words

For so many years fans wondered what they would be. Whether you loved them or hated them, you can't deny that it's hard to forget that moment when Rory turns to Lorelai and tells her that she's pregnant.

Gilmore Girls is full of moments that are unforgettable, but these are the ones that remind you why you'll never get enough of this show.