29 Products That Make Being Stuck At Home SO Much Better (& Are Under $35)

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Feeling trapped at home and racking your brain for new ways to entertain yourself or your family? This list of products that make being stuck at home SO much better is packed with fun items that bring the party to you, help relieve stress, and transform your home into a tranquil spa. They're also affordable. You can treat yourself from the comfort of your couch (in your PJs if you want) without breaking the bank — because you won't find a single item here that costs more than $35.

Staying home doesn't have to be a bore. Choose from one of the games on this list (or heck, grab them all and make it a game weekend) and finally kick back, relax, and enjoy that game night you've been itching to throw. Pour yourself a glass of wine, but don't forget to aerate your favorite red vino with the easy-to-use aerator on this list. Gather friends on FaceTime or Zoom and see who can hit those high notes with a Bluetooth karaoke microphone.

Home time can also be an opportunity for some much-needed self-care. When was the last time you lit a Himalayan salt candle, ran a bath, dropped in a hydrating bath fizzy, and soothed tired eyes with a heated eye mask? You needn't feel an ounce of guilt — there has never been a better time to take care of you.

Take advantage of all of the fun, relaxing ways you can maximize your time at home — these affordable and genuinely entertaining products are here to help.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


A Bathtub Caddy That Has Room For Your Tablet And Wine

Turn bath time into spa time with this convenient bathtub caddy tray. The beautiful bamboo tray is waterproof, rustproof, and extra sturdy to hold all of your bath time essentials. It expands to fit any bathtub width or size. Relax in a bath with a tablet, book, and a glass of wine or cup of coffee.


These Charming Succulent Pots That Are Shaped Like Crescent Moons

This crescent moon succulent pot will keep you smiling. It brightens up any home or office space and doubles as a unique place to stash a few office supplies. This charming moon holder holds little succulent plants and is designed with anti-rust plastic.


The Set Of Soothing Himalayan Salt Candle Holders That Purify Air

Set a soothing mood with these Himalayan salt tealight candle holders. Not only do they look beautiful and create a glowing amber light in any room, but they emit negative ions and improve the quality of the air you breathe. They are handcrafted from natural Himalayan salt crystals and give your home a spa-like vibe.


The Game That Allows You To Build The Unicorn Army Of Your Dreams

Who doesn't love unicorns? Play the hilariously fun game of Unstable Unicorns and defeat friends and family members by building the ultimate unicorn army. Each unicorn has a special power that could help or hurt you and your team. Be the first one to complete your army and claim your victory.


An Inflatable Chair That You Can Set Up In Seconds

Lounge in your backyard or change up your movie night seating with an inflatable chair. This comfortable and convenient take-anywhere chair inflates quickly and has a chamber at the bottom that you can fill with water to hold the chair in place. It has a two-ply reinforced laminated sidewall and bottom that wipes clean.


This Essential Oil Roller Set That Melts Your Stress Away

Treat yourself to a little zen relaxation and melt your stress away with these pure essential oil rollers. The pack comes with four oil blends in oils like lavender, orange, peppermint, all of which are diluted with carrier oils and safe for skin. Just roll some behind your ears, around your temples, or over wrists and feel more invigorated and less anxious.


A Light Box Sign That Provides Major Motivation

Sometimes it just takes a vote of confidence to get you motivated to start your day. This LED light box serves as both home decor and inspiration. The sign comes with 125 letters that allow you to create the motto you need to read that day. It can stand freely or be mounted to a wall. The sign has an on/off switch and can be powered by battery or USB cable.


The Rapid Cooker That Makes Seven Eggs At A Time

Making breakfast for the family has never been easier. This rapid egg cooker makes seven eggs at the same time. The two-tier cooker is electric and can whip up hard boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs. Just load in the eggs, select a function, go about your business, and wait for the timer to go off.


A Deck Of Cards That Remind You To Practice Mindfulness

Build mental strength and endurance and practice much-needed self-care with this mindfulness card set. The set provides 52 prompts and exercises that remind you to breathe, stay grounded, and keep positive.


An Aerator With A Spout For Better Tasting Wine Without Mess

Get the best taste out of your wine with this wine aerator that boasts a unique feature: a spout that allows you to filter and pour without making a mess. The aerator doubles as an airtight stopper to keep wine fresh for days longer.


This Airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Keeps Coffee Fresh For Two Weeks

Make delicious cold brew coffee without mess or fuss. This simplified system includes a stainless steel fine-mesh filter that keeps grounds out of your cup, a heat- and cold-resistant carafe with an easy-to-grip silicone handle, and a lid with an airtight seal that allows you to make a batch of cold brew coffee or tea that will stay fresh for up to two weeks. The carafe even fits in most fridge doors, taking up as little space as possible.


A Bubbly Foot Bath With Heat That Massages Tired Toes And Soles

This foot massage bath alleviates your foot aches and pains. It has toe touch controls and varying degrees of adjustable massage intensity that deliver soothing bubbles and pressure to relieve soreness, stimulate blood flow and circulation, and slow down foot fatigue. It comes with three acupressure attachments.


These Moisturizing Socks That Soften Feet While You Sleep

These moisturizing gel socks do more than just keep your feet warm — they moisten and soften dry feet and calluses while you sleep or lounge. The socks are infused with natural oils like grape seed, jojoba, olive oil, and vitamin E. Plus, the cotton and spandex blend socks have silicone grips on the bottom to make walking on slippery surfaces easier.


A Deep Tissue Massager That Comes With Four Attachment Heads

This powerful handheld massager delivers relief to your neck, back, shoulders, legs — anywhere you need it. It comes with four attachment heads that delivers various soothing sensations to every part of your body and has a speed dial so you can control and customize your massage.


This Foldable Yoga Mat That Is Extra Thick And Easy To Store

If you’re looking for a new yoga mat that is thick, supportive, and simple to fold up and store, this is the one for you. This oversize mat is made of eco-friendly materials with a unique foldable design that makes it a breeze to fold up and take with you or store in a closet or under your bed. The mat also comes with a travel case with handles.


The Cool Mist Humidifier With A Night Light

Improve your sleep, fight off allergies, and breathe cleaner air with this cool mist humidifier, which can run up to 30 hours. This humidifier features two mist control settings, each with 360-degree uniform humidification, and an optional night light for a more soothing sleep.


An Adorable Dinosaur Tower Phone And Tablet Stand

This sturdy phone stand is built to hold smartphones, tablets, games, and e-readers. Made of high-grade silica gel that is strong, yet flexible, this model comes in 10 unique colors. Its adorable dinosaur design makes it a cute conversation starter.


This Comfy Work-From-Home Desk With Foldable Legs

So you don't have a dedicated office space to get work done? Don't stress — you can work from anywhere (even the comfort of your bed) with this adjustable lap desk that provides a stable space for your laptop, notebooks, and that cup of coffee. The lap desk has eight angles to choose depending on how you're using the desk. It has two cotton pads that provide cushion to your legs.


This Jenga Set Is The Game Everyone Loves To Play

Jenga is the game for all ages. This original wood block game takes skill, guts, and a little luck to defy gravity and not bring the entire Jenga tower tumbling down. You can play by yourself, with the kids, or with friends. Stack the wooden pieces and then slowly take turns pulling one piece out at a time, without knocking the tower over.


These All-Natural Bath Fizzies That Will Relax You Immediately

Move over, ordinary bubble baths. These bath fizzies turn your bath time routine into a luxurious one — and they are hydrating and kind to your skin. The cleansing, detoxing, and moisturizing fizzies are made with ingredients like mango, kaolin clay, raw coconut, and sea kelp. They're vegan, free of sulfates and parabens, and leave your skin feeling like silk.


This Reversible Faux Fur Blanket That Is Cozy And Stylish

This cozy and warm faux fur throw blanket will brighten up your living space and add a little luxury to your life. The reversible blanket comes in three sizes and features soft faux fur that is hypoallergenic and anti-static. It's machine washable and designed to never shed.


A Calming Heated Pillow Infused With Lavender And Massaging Flax

Imagine a pillow so comfortable and soothing that it can lull you to sleep. Toss this lavender pillow into your microwave for 30 seconds to unearth its amazing, sleep-inducing scent of lavender. The pillow is filled with organic flax seeds and whole lavender buds, and the outside of the pillow is luxurious satin.


This Sun Lamp That Delivers Natural Light That Won't Hurt Your Eyes

If you work from home, you'll want to be sure you are writing, typing, and concentrating under the best light possible. This LED sun lamp for your desk delivers natural white light that isn't harsh on your eyes. It has an adjustable, flexible neck and comes in six colors.


These Strings Lights That Are Easy To Install Can Hang Photos

These fairy string lights are fun and whimsical decor for any home or backyard. Each strand stretches to 15 feet and holds 36 warm white LED lights. The set even comes with 16 removable clips, in case you become inspired to jazz up your photos and put them on display. They're available in six colors.


A Foot Scrubber That Sticks To Your Shower Floor

Deep clean your feet while you’re in the shower with this shower foot scrubber. The anti-slip cups suction to your shower floor so you can scrub your feet without falling. The small bristles work to remove dirt from your feet and between your toes while also stimulating blood flow and circulation to ease any pain.


These Moisturizing Gloves That Heal Even The Driest Hands

These moisturizing gloves are the quick and effective spa treatment you can do at home. Slide you hands into the gloves and let the hydrating gel revive even the driest skin. You can use these every day to soften tough hands, fingers, or cuticles.


A Mud Mask That Soaks Up Excess Oils To Prevent Pimples

Give yourself the ultimate DIY facial with this African black soap mud mask. This nourishing mask is rich in natural acne-fighting ingredients like tea tree oil and tamarind extract. It’s great for all skin types (especially oily skin that is prone to breakouts). It exfoliates, hydrates, and heals to reveal smoother, healthier skin.


An Eye Mask That You Can Heat Or Chill To Soothe Tired Eyes

Soothe your eyes with this gel beaded eye mask that can be used for cooling therapy. The wearable mask contains small gel beads that conform to your eye area and can relieve pressure and headache or sinus pain. It comes with a fully adjustable strap to fit anyone.


This Personal Fan That You Wear Like A Necklace

Keep yourself cool wherever you are with one of these wearable fan necklaces. These battery-operated fans are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse and can be set up on your desk, if you prefer, but you can also attach a lanyard to them and wear them around your neck.

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