29 Strange Products People Are Buying On Amazon That Are Pure Genius

People are always telling me I have an affinity for the bizarre, and I like to think that translates over to the kinds of things I love to buy online. Whether it's a butter spreader or a funky wrist rest, I always try to see if there are some strange but genius Amazon products to get the job done.

The reason for that is simple: weird products are just more fun. And some of the best kitschy but practical items that people are buying online aren't just weird — in fact, they’re weird because they work so well. They help to simplify everyday tasks, from tossing out the trash to getting rid of lint buildup. Because many of these products are also multifunctional, there's a good chance that with a little trial and error, you can find interesting and innovative ways to use them outside of what they were originally designed for.

Why settle for something average when you can have a product that's full of personality and also delivers a super-clever solution to a major household problem? These are some of the most useful products trending on Amazon now that could completely revolutionize your life — in surprisingly bizarre ways, of course.


Get No-Bounce Support For High-Impact Sports With This Band

PINKCLOVER ACTIVEWEAR Chest Support Band, $20, Amazon

Even the best sports bra can sometimes do a poor job of preventing bounce, especially during runs and other high-impact activities — but that is where this band come into play. Designed to be worn over the fullest part of your boobs, this stretchy band can keep your chest from bouncing around no matter what bra size you normally wear. Made with chafe-free fabric and a super-durable elastic, this is definitely a workout buddy you’ll want to have around all the time.


The Deodorant That's, Um, Made Out Of Activated Charcoal

PiperWai Natural Deodorant, $16, Amazon

Need a deodorant that completely absorbs sweat and moisture, while also staying gentle on sensitive skin? This natural deodorant, which was featured on Shark Tank, is made with activated charcoal, which can absorb 1,000 times its weight in moisture, helps to neutralize odors, and creates a pH balanced environment — so your pits stay happy and free of odors. This deodorant also features 11 essential oils, coconut oil, rose water, and rich shea butter, so skin will stay nourished and hydrated It's also an excellent choice for really sensitive skin.


This Automatic Soap Dispenser Means It's Much Easier To Be Germ-Free

Hanamichi Automatic Soap Dispenser, $16, Amazon

This automatic soap dispenser is great for keeping hands germ-free because it uses an intelligent motion infrared sensor to detect when to release soap. That means you never need to touch the soap dispenser after your hands have touched raw meat or have dirt on them. This battery-powered, motion-detecting dispenser also features a tank that's super easy to refill.


This Three-In-One Knife That Goes Through Butter Like, Well ...

3-in-1 Butter Knife, $12, Amazon

Whether you need a butter spreader, slicer, or curler, this three-in-one knife is what you need to do it all. Best of all, it cuts through cold butter like nothing, so it won't rip your toast up. It can also make fun spaghetti-shaped strings of butter for toast that's a lot more fun. Ergonomically designed and made from stainless steel, this multifunctional knife is also easy to use, clean, and maintain, and is like having a full drawer of utensils in one.


This Storage Holder That Keeps Cords Bundled Up Out Of Sight

Budley - Tangle-Free Earphone/Earbud Case, $6, Amazon

Not only does this this cord holder store your cords, it also keeps them organized when they're in use. All you have to do is wrap cables around it, press the cover closed, and they’ll be out of sight for as long as you need. If you’ve been desperately looking for a way to organize wayward cords, this is the way to go.


This Motion-Activated Light Lets You Finally Find Everything In Your Purse

Motion-Activated Purse Light, $13, Amazon

This motion-activated purse light — which contains an intelligent sensor that lights up once it detects motion — can clip conveniently to the inside of most bags and helps you find what you're searching for immediately. It's small and discreet, it comes with a hook to easily attach it to an inside compartment. It also automatically turns off after a few seconds, which means you can find your keys in seconds without disturbing anyone.


This Travel Lint Roller That You Open Like A Lipstick Tube

Flint Retractable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

This lint roller works just like a standard lint roller, but its strange design is what makes it so much more convenient — it's retractable and opens up like a tube of lipstick, so the sticky adhesive part will never cling to materials it shouldn't. That also makes it easy to transport and use when you find yourself in need of an emergency clean up. Available with 30 multi-use, recyclable adhesive sheets made from Japanese paper, so this roller is easy to refill.


This Massager That Soothes Headaches

Electric Scalp Massager Head , $30, Amazon

Featuring 28 unique massage modes, this totally soothing, 360-degree kneading massager helps deliver relief to aching shoulders and relieve headaches as they progress. Made with flexible rubber nodes that offer gentle kneading, this waterproof massager - and the facial brush it comes with - can also work well on skin. The brush exfoliates, helping shed dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production for a total spa-like experience.


This Balance Board Takes Your Workouts To The Next Level

Sportneer Wooden Balance Board Wobble Platform, $23, Amazon

This balance board is a game-changing fitness product for those looking to enhance coordination, boost your sense of balance, and improve posture. Best of all, it also works to strengthen muscles, tendons, and joints, for some easy-to-master strength training. Made from heavy-duty wood and plated with a non-skid surface, this board offers 360 degrees rotation and a 20-degree inclination angle, so it moves with you throughout your workout. It's also great for rehabbing sore, tired, or damaged areas.


The Clear, Odd-Looking Sponge That Wastes None Of Your Foundation

Nylea Silicone Makeup Sponge, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

Silicone sponges are such a genius makeup product because they're flexible, nonporous (meaning no bacteria gets into this sponge), and seamlessly blend makeup. This one is especially perfect because it comes in a two pack and is designed to minimize makeup waste, so you won't waste extra as you might with other non-silicone sponges. This sponge works well whether you're using foundation, blush, concealer or another cosmetic — and all you have to do to clean it is rinse it and let it dry between uses.


The Pads That Keep Your Feet Comfortable In High Heels And During Physical Activity

Dr. Foot's Forefoot Cushions, $11 (4 Pack), Amazon

If your feet are aching and sore due to strain, uncomfortable shoes, ingrown toenails, or other kinds of impact, these forefoot cushions can be an awesome investment that helps deliver pain relief. They stretch to cover your feet, regardless of size, and they relieve pressure from the ball of your foot, which can really improve comfort (especially in sky-high heels). Made from medical-grade gel, these cushions fit most sizes, are flexible, durable, and are good to use with sneakers, sandals, heels, and flats. One reviewer notes they're great for workouts: "I have recently being going to the gym and wearing this make the gym a lot more enjoyable and easier to use."


This Genius Mitt Removes Sticky Sand From Your Body

Water Sports Sand-Off! Sand Cleaner Mitt, $9, Amazon

The beach is great, but tracking sand back into your car and house? Not so much, which is why this sand cleaner mitt is such a great invention. Made with plush terry cloth and formulated with a dry body wash powder that eliminates wet and dry sand with no residue, this mitt is travel-friendly and soft on sensitive skin (it also won't remove sunscreen). "A nice item to have on our trip. It eliminates the sand in one swipe," wrote one user. "Great for sandy beach feet and for wiping off before getting in the car."


This Massage Pen That Uses LED Light Therapy To Treat Breakouts

YOUTHLAB Eye & Face Massage Tool, $25, Amazon

This FDA-approved light therapy massage wand uses blue light (which penetrates the deepest layers of skin to target bacteria) to clear acne and heal damaged skin. It also has a red light option that'll help increase circulation and repair cells. The wand itself is multifunctional, though, because it offers heated vibration therapy that'll help increase oxygen flow (and relax your facial muscles, of course). It's USB-chargeable and 4.4 inches tall, so you can totally travel with it and rejuvenate your complexion on the go.


These Microfiber Cloths That Get Rid Of Make-Up, Dirt, And Dead Skin Cells

MojaWorks Microfiber Body/Face Cloth, $16, Amazon

These microfiber cloths are a huge time-saver compared to using makeup remover pads, and are super effective at removing dirt, cosmetics, oil, and dead skin cells with each wash. One side is plush, while the other works to exfoliate skin. Machine washable and able to absorb up to eight times its own weight, these cloths are also hypoallergenic and safe to use on those with allergies.


This Amazing Dental Floss Made With Coconut Oil

Cocolab Cocofloss, $22 (3 Pack), Amazon

Sick of ordinary dental floss that hurts your gums and tastes too antiseptic? This coconut-flavored floss, which comes in a cute roll, is infused with coconut oil, essential oils, and aromas, and will leave your teeth and mouth feeling cleaner than ever before. One reviewer wrote: "This is definitely the best floss I have ever used. The texture seems just right to gently scrub between the teeth. It's a tightly woven fabric that is also strong, and it does not shred like others I've tried."


The Silicone Tool That Cleans Your Makeup Brushes, Your Vegetables, And Your Cat

Bump It Off Silicone Cleaning Tool, $10, Amazon

This bizarre silicone cleaning tool has so many uses, you'll probably find yourself using it every day — it's bumpy surface can wash your makeup brushes, brush your pets, clean your fruits and vegetables of dirt, get stuck-on grime off your pots and pans, it can get hair and lint off your furniture, and it can even work as a mild exfoliant in the shower. It's dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, and can even help treat stains on your clothing.


This Acupressure Mat Uses Spiky Little Nodules To Relieve Tension

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, $20, Amazon

If you've never tried acupressure before, this set is a great introduction to the benefits of it — it can help relieve stiff muscles, back pain, and even help you sleep better. The mat comes with 6,210 acupressure points (a.k.a plastic spikes), while the neck pillow has 1,782 acupressure points, all working to help restore your body. Made from thick quality cotton and plant-based eco foam, this mat can help relax the body, improve blood circulation, and massage pressure points similar to what an acupuncturist would do but at a significantly lower cost.


These Gripper Strips Help Organize Your Spice Rack Without Taking Up Space In Your Cabinets

SimpleHouseware 30 Spice Gripper Clips Strips Cabinet Holder, $10, Amazon

Looking for an inspired way to organize your spices, but also save valuable counter or shelf space? This set of six strips comes with 30 spice gripper clips, which are held in place by super-tough 3M adhesive tape, and can really keep spices in place. Just find a place to mount these strips (like the wall or a door) and you'll be able to totally change up your spice rack organization in a funky new way. They are also easy to customize to fit the exact space you have in your home.


This Silicone Rest That Keeps Your Wrist In Place When Typing

LKHE Silicone Wrist Rest, $5, Amazon

This heart-shaped wrist rest supports your wrist during extended computer and laptop use, making it perfect if you do a ton of typing or desk-based work and need something that will keep your wrist in place. Made from durable and flexible silicone, the bottom is made with stabilizing material so it won't slip around, and it comes in adorable colors to sync with your office. "Love this little guy. It keeps my wrist and hand bones from starting to hurt while I'm at work, plus it's cute," wrote one reviewer.


This Weird Little Brush Cleans Your Tongue

TUNG Brush & Gel - Tongue Cleaner, $10, Amazon

"I love this tongue cleaner and gel. Follow the instructions and it cleans the best. It is way better than the other tongue cleaners out there. The gel makes a huge difference," wrote one reviewer of this tongue brush and gel combo. The gel, which is formulated with zinc oxide to neutralize odor-causing gases caused by bacteria, leaves behind a minty-fresh taste on the tongue. Meanwhile, the brush, which has a circular head, is designed to be ergonomic enough to move to the back of your mouth.


These Foot Pads That Help You Snooze Your Way To Better Sleep And Brighter Skin

LuckyFine 10 Pairs Bamboo Vinegar Foot Patch, $17, Amazon

These healing foot pads are made with bamboo vinegar and are designed to provide an all-natural way to help absorb physical impurities. Simply adhere them to the soles of your feet and leave them on overnight. Easy to wear and use, these pads may also be able to help with fatigue, skin brightening, and overall wellness.


This Facial Mask Made From Aloe Vera That Helps Get Rid Of Blackheads

LuckyFine Peel Off Facial Mask, $13, Amazon

This replenishing face mask, which is made with a moisturizing Aloe extract, can leave skin feeling ultra-soft and works as a great hydrating agent. But for those with blackheads and enlarged pores, this mask can really work wonders when used once a week to minimize the appearance of and tighten pores as well as clarify complexions. Just apply and peel this off to reveal smoother, softer skin.


This Adorable AF Silicone Brush That Cleanses Skin

HieerBus Facial Cleansing Brush, $3, Amazon

This adorable silicone brush gently but thoroughly cleanses pores. Just squeeze cleansing foam into the hole at the top of the sponge and work up a lather — the silicone bristles on this brush can help cleanse your face and deliver a relaxing massage in the process.


This Barbed Wand Eliminates The Need Of A Plumber

Vastar Drain Snake, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

When hair gets stuck in a drain, this drain snake (which extends to nearly 20 inches) is here to easily get rid of it. This flexible barbed wand, which is made of plastic, can fit into the tightest little drains and crevices to remove hair, gunk, garbage, and other obstructions. Best of all, it's a chemical-free alternative to using abrasive solutions and it's more affordable to invest in this three-pack than it is to call a plumber. Over 1,000 reviewers on Amazon swear by this thing, especially because it can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom.


This Amazing Foot Spray That Devours Trapped In Odors

Rocket Pure Natural Mint Shoe Deodorizer, $13, Amazon

Whether you're running, exercising, or just doing errands, the shoes you wear can end up becoming a trap for odor-causing bacteria and annoying sweat. Made with essential oils, including mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and thyme, this natural mint shoe deodorizer is the chemical-free way to freshen up feet and get rid of shoe odors, so you'll have nothing to worry about once you kick your shoes off at the end of the day. It can be sprayed directly onto the skin or into shoes.


This Trimmer That Targets Hair In Even The Hardest-To-Reach Places

Ceenwes Nose Hair Trimmer, $13, Amazon

Made with a built-in stainless steel cutter and LED light for easy use, this trimmer can quickly remove hairs in even the toughest places in the nose and ears, and help with eyebrow shaping and beard maintenance. Waterproof (aka easy to take in the shower) and gentle on skin, this fast-rotating trimmer offers full control and will save you a trip to the barber.


This Deep Cleansing Clay Mask That Works Wonders On Sensitive Skin

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing, $9, Amazon

This deep pore cleansing mask is really just a pound of clay — yet it's touted as delivering the world's most powerful facial because it features natural calcium bentonite clay. This magic ingredient helps detoxify, cleanse, and tighten skin, as well as reduce pimples and blackheads. Reviewers of this popular product recommend mixing it with apple cider vinegar instead of water because it helps make the consistency thicker and easier to apply. One reviewer wrote: "I have very sensitive, reactive skin and have never seen any real improvement. After reading all the crazy reviews about this product I figured I would give it a try, again, not expecting much. However, I have been blown away by the long-term results of using this mask."


This Heavy-Duty Scrubber That Washes Away Set-In Stains

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber, $10, Amazon

This silicone dish scrubber is really flexible and has tons of uses, but the biggest reason why it should climb to the top of your shopping cart is because, unlike normal sponges, it’s resistant to mold and mildew for up to three months. Another reason to love this scrubber? It won’t scratch or damage pots and pans like wire scrubbers can.


This Three-In-One Shower Tool Pampers Your Feet

My Solemate Shower Foot Massager Scrubber & Cleaner, $15, Amazon

Treat your feet to a one-of-a-kind experience with this three-in-one shower tool, which massages, scrubs, and cleans feet for a really incredible feel. The flexible bristles on this brush bend gently and help to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin, which works to reduce the risk of athlete's foot (and gives you smooth feet in the process). Because this tool suctions to the bottom of the tub, you don't have to worry about it slipping and sliding while you're trying to give your toes a good scrub.

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